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Benchmade EXOTAC fireROD XL Ferro Rod, Blue Finish

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Benchmade teamed up with the prominent fire tool company Exotac to create a fire rod that is designed to fit into the sheaths of both the Benchmade 200 Puukko and and the older Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter. The threaded ferro rod is not only replaceable but can still operate in wet conditions and even comes standard with 2 pieces of includes quickLIGHT™ waterproof tinder. Made in the USA.


  • Overall Length: 3.38"
  • Overall Width: 8.07"
  • Weight: 1.23 oz.


  • Playing with fire?

    Posted by Russell Adzima on Sep 17th 2019


    This fire rod by Benchmade is quite the striker, igniting kindling on the first strike almost every time. It has a o-ring sealed compartment in the handle that can hold a few pieces of synthetic type kindling fabric. It comes with two pieces to try out, and they literally ignite on the first strike. Another option is cotton with Vaseline on it, which also ignites on the first strike most times. The rod on this model is longer than the Exotac brand model, Nearly 3/4s inch longer. The rod seems to be high quality, it feels like it will probably live up to the 10,000 strikes Benchmade/Exotac boast. I like the bright blue color, in the event that it is dropped on the forest floor, there is a bright color to catch your eye. My one complaint about this product is that it came in a bare box with nothing inside it. No care sheet, no instruction, no - NOTHING. I was actually a bit irritated at this, because this is my first product of this type, and i really actually DID need instructions!! I had no idea what type of material needed to strike the rod, the angle, what the stuff in the compartment was, none of it. Had it not been for the videos i watched explaining everything I would have been angry, confused, and probably have ruined at least one knife striking the rod. Spend a nickel and put instructions/care sheet/whatever in the box with the rod.