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Benchmade H&K Epidemic OTF Auto Knife, D2 Black Blade

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The Benchmade H&K Epidemic series has been re-branded to the Benchmade Precipice found HERE:

The Benchmade H&K Epidemic OTF auto knife is a double action out the front model that offers smooth action and durable construction.
The entire H&K line of knives are all manufactured by Benchmade and carry their limited lifetime warranty and are eligible for all Benchmade services. This automatic knife features an an ambidextrous thumb slide located on the side of the handle. Unlike its slimmer counterpart, the H&K Turmoil, this knife offers a wider handle scale with additional milling slots for added grip security. All H&K Epidemic knives include D2 tool steel, in a spear point style blade, which was designed for hard use applications. The pocket clip is designed for tip down carry while offering either a left or right hand carry option. Made in the USA.


  • Blade Length: 3.44"
  • Overall Length: 8.22"
  • Blade Material: D2 Tool Steel
  • Blade Finish: Black
  • Handle Length: 4.78"
  • Handle Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Weight: 3.9 oz.

Benchmade H&K 14850BK Epidemic OTF Knife


The Benchmade H&K Epidemic out the front knife has a double action D2 tool steel spear point blade. This model has a BK black coat finish. The 6061-T6 aluminum handle has a reversible, tip down pocket clip. Fast action, solid construction and that ineffable je ne sais quoi that every OTF knife has all combine to make this particular knife a delight to carry. And at under $200, this is a deal without compare.


The 3.44” spear point blade has one sharp edge, a slim fuller groove down the middle and best of all is D2 tool steel. D2 stands as one of the best knife steels on the market today for several reasons. First, it is a high carbon, high chrome tool steel that has 1.5% carbon, 1% molybdenum, 12% chrome and 1% vanadium. It is an air hardening steel that boasts a blade hardness of 60-62HRC. The best thing about it is that it takes an extraordinary sharp edge—actually razor sharp—and it holds the edge. The worst thing is to find a blade that takes a nice edge, but then loses it just as fast as it got it. D2 also gives you good corrosion resistance.
To open the blade, just slide the trigger that sits on the spine of the handle forward. It has a moderate amount of resistance—this acts as a safety to prevent accidental firing. Retraction is just the opposite, you pull the slide trigger back down toward the base of the handle. Some OTF’s are extremely difficult to fire. About 10 years ago, I shot a 3.5” framer nail through my right thumb. I still have only about 70% strength in that thumb. Because of this, I sometimes shy away from OTF knives that have the slide trigger set “too stiff”. The Epidemic isn’t like that-- I can easily fire it and retract the blade.

Tolerances on this knife are extremely tight. This means when the blade is open, it doesn’t sway from side to side or back and forth. And like every well constructed OTF knife, when it is fired into an obstruction that prevents the blade from reaching the full open position, the blade “pops off its rails”. Basically, you have in your hands a knife with a blade that moves in and out freely without locking into either the open or closed position. And the solution is simple. Just grab the blade gently between your fingers and pull it just past the fully open position. You will feel a slight click as the blade snaps back “onto its rails”. Now the blade and knife is fully functional again.



The 4.78” black anodized machined 6061 T-6 aluminum handle features CNC machining on both faces. The machining is a series of dashes and slashes that provide extra texture to improve grip. At the very top of the handle the HK logo is machined into the handle. There is a slight finger groove that flares into a modest finger guard on the inside edge of the handle. Two large grooves run across this edge to give your forefinger plenty of purchase on the knife handle. There are also two grooves about midway down the handle as well as two slimmer grooves on the spine right where it meets the butt of the handle. The butt has a slightly asymmetrical angle to it which makes a perfect resting spot for your thumb when you hold the knife in a reverse grip. And, I forgot to mention earlier, the knife ranks well for comfort. It sits nicely in my hand when held in a classic forward grip.

The slide trigger is red anodized aluminum with a series of grooves for maximum traction. It is perfectly placed for easy access. The tip down pocket clip is black finished and can be switched for right/left carry, making the Epidemic a truly ambidextrous knife.



Benchmade produces all the Heckler and Koch knives.The H&K line, like every knife from Benchmade, is manufactured in the US.This quality double action, out the front gives you speed, quality and durability in a knife that is sure to create some serious conversation among your friends.The kind of conversation that goes like this, “That is a great knife.I really like it.You know my birthday is coming up, right?”And to that, you can respond just as easily by saying, “It is great.I really like it too.You can pick your own up over at BladeOps for under $200.In fact, you should order yourself one for that birthday you have coming up.”

And when it comes to serious use, the H&K Epidemic 14850BK is up to the task. Well built, this is the kind of knife that you can carry into situations where your life may depend on the gear you carry with you.


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