EmberLit Ultra Light Titanium Stove

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The Ultra Light Titanium Emberlit Stove weighs just 5.45 ounces. Built from titanium this small camping stove offers you a lightweight alternative to fuel canisters and burners. Impervious to corrosion and amazingly strong, this camping stove will hold the weight of any pot or pan on its sturdy frame. A wood burning stove, you just add the wood and it cooks your food and boils your water in an incredibly efficient manner. When you are done, you just disassemble it and it all stashes flat in your camping gear. Comes with a lifetime warranty. Great for camping, backpacking, bushcraft, wilderness survival, and disaster preparation. Made in the USA. SPECIFICATIONS: Material Titanium Weight 5.45 oz (136 g) Panels 4x5.5 Inches Stove Height 6 inches Top of stove 3.5x3.5 Inches Packs flat 1/8th of an inch Fuel Does not require you to carry any fuel Includes Cross Bars Manufactuer Merkwares Warranty Life time