Emerson Knives Horseman, Manual Knife, G10, Satin Finish Blade, Plain Edge, Mini-CQC-8

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Emerson Knives has created a scaled down version of their very popular CQC-8 manual knife. This Mini-CQC-8 has all of the great features of the full size version, an aggressive cutting edge and an all around well constructed knife, but this smaller knife is more pocket friendly for the cowboy on his horse as well as for you around town. This knife has the Wave Feature which makes it easy to open out of your pocket. As you pull the knife out, you press the back of the blade towards your pocket and the wave feature catches there and pops the blade open as it comes out of your pocket. This model has a plain edge satin finish blade. As Emerson Knives says on their website, "We all know how important a knife is when you’re working around a farm and livestock. In regard to horses, a strong sharp knife is not an option, it is essential. Every cowboy knows that his knife is his life jacket. When something goes wrong with livestock, it goes wrong fast. A knife is generally the only thing that will get you out of a wreck with your life." Check out the Emerson Horseman and fall in love with it's quality and size. Get yours today. Overall Length: 8.35 in. Blade Length: 3.54 in. Blade Thickness: .125 in. Hardness: 57-59 RC Made In The USA