Gerber DF6 Sharpener

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With the DF6 Sharpener you get perfect 30 degree edges quickly and easily every time. There are no special skills needed to sharpen all types of knives and axes. The specially curved diamond coated fingers replicate the swipe across a traditional honing steel. One swipe through the DF8 equals six swipes across a regular steel. Once you use this sharpener blades almost never need regrinding because the edges never get rounded like they can with other honing and sharpening steels. Small table top, compact design. Features: Diamond coated fingers replicate traditional honing steel Diamond coated fingers replicate traditional honing steel Compact design

This is a great little sharpener for honing your knife. If your knife is very dull or has many dents along the blade, this sharpener is not going to get the job done for you unless you have a lot of time. Great sharpener because it keeps the angle on your blade at a preset 30 degrees. Also nice because it can be carried around with you--this is a very compact sharpener. I like this for occasional rehoning of my blades and think it does a great job.