Godfather Stiletto, White

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This switchblade is a classic Italian design. It is one of the most recognizable automatic knives around. The knife has amazing action and locks back up very tight. It is a big-time blast! This version has a 3.25" stiletto spear tip blade with "Milano" printed on the front side. Blade Length: 3.25" Overall Length: 8.75" Closed Length: 4.875" Weight: 3.17 oz.

Spear tip blade "Milano" printed on front side Locking Mechanism

The Godfather Stiletto automatic knife series is one of our all time favorite automatic knives. These knives are just like what you used to see way back when you were a kid. The action on these knives is fast. The blade snaps right out and they lock up nice and tight. The blade stays in the open position until you release it with the tang lever (watch our video on our site or YouTube to see it done--to find the video just type in how to close my stiletto on our site search bar). This knife is a classic. At just under $24.00 it is one of the best deals we have on our site. Available in a variety of colors, these auto knives are just fantastic.