Lansky LKNAT Natural Arkansas Knife Sharpening System, 3 Hones

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In production for over 35 years, the Lansky sharpening systems have been regarded as the most preferred for D.I.Y. and cutlery enthusiasts worldwide. Many refer to Lansky systems as the most effective to sharpen most sporting, hobby and household knives. Offered with many different options, each set will include guide rods for every hone, complete easy-to-follow instructions, a specially formulated honing oil, an easy to use multi-angle clamp and a storage/carrying case to keep all the components conveniently in one place. Made in the USA. The hones in this particular set include:

  • Hard Stone
  • Medium Stone
  • Soft Stone
The 4 sharpening angles and their uses are as follows:

  • 17° - A severe angle recommended for razor blades, fillet knives or similar tools--an extremely sharp but delicate edge
  • 20° - A commonly used angle for higher quality blades--excellent edge retention for kitchen cutlery and slicing knives
  • 25° - The recommended angle for most knives that need a sharp but durable edge--ideal for hunting and outdoor knives
  • 30° - An outstanding angle for knives that cut cardboard, rope or carpet--best for heavy-duty use


  • Overall Length: 8.625"
  • Overall Width: 4.25"
  • Sharpening Platform: Stone
  • Weight: 1 lb. 2 oz.