Loki Tool .50 Caliber Machine Gun Cartridge Flip Pen, Lava Flow Kirinite

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This .50 Caliber Machine Gun Cartridge Flip pen features a Lava Flow Kirinite body and a .50 Caliber solid copper bullet as part of the pen handle. When not in use, the pen stores neatly in the once fired .50 Caliber Machine Gun shell. A unique writing experience that will be a desktop conversation piece for years to come. Uses a RollerBall insert (included).
*Kirinite is a tough material that takes a fantastic polish without becoming slick or difficult to grip. It is frequently used for knife handle scales and pistol grips.


  • Lava Flow Kirinite
  • Pen Length: 4 15/16" w/shell 5 1/2"
  • Pen Width: 1/2" Shell 3/4"