Loki Tool Bocote Civil War Twist Pen, Antique Brass

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The Civil War twist pen is inspired by an era where writing was an art form. Featuring a detailed Model 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket clip, a replica 58 caliber Minie Ball on the cap, and a replica 44 Colt Army Bullet on the end, this pen will help you write your own colorful history. A perfect gift for history enthusiasts, Civil War buffs, and gun aficionados. This model features Antique Brass parts and a bocote wood body.  
Uses a Parker style refill and comes standard with black ink.
This Loki Tool pen is hand turned in the USA and finished with a 24 step process which creates a deep luster that highlights the natural beauty of the wood. The pen you receive will vary slightly from the one pictured based on the wood blank used for your pen. 


  • Bocote Body
  • Pen Length: 5"
  • Pen Diameter: 3/4"