Loki Tool Ebony Steampunk Pen, Antique Brass

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This Ebony Steampunk Pen features classic Victorian age style with serious flair. A bolt action mechanism opens and closes the ball point pen and replica Gatling gun barrels along with flat head screws and riveted plate design make this the perfect pen for Steampunk fans and pen lovers. Antique Brass finish along with Antique Copper Highlights.

Uses a Parker style refill and comes standard with black ink.
Each Loki Tool Pen is hand turned from natural wood or other fine quality materials. The pen you receive will vary slightly from the one pictured based on the blank used for your pen. Rest assured, Loki Tool only uses the very best quality wood blanks to create your pen.


  • Ebony Body
  • Pen Length: 5 3/4"
  • Pen Diameter: .6"