Loki Tool Mogul Roller Ball Pen, Lava Kirinite

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This hand turned Lava Kirinite Mogul roller ball pen boasts classic board room panache and delivers a clean writing experience. After hand turning the body, Loki Tool finishes the Lava Kirinite with a 24 step process to give this pen an ultra smooth, durable finish that will stand up to heavy, daily use. The 5 1/4" pen has a custom finished body and Rhodium accents for a premium pen look and feel. The rhodium is beautifully offset with black enamel.

Pen cap unscrews and can be screwed back onto base while writing. Uses a standard roller ball pen cartridge. Comes with black ink. Each pen will have slight variations in patterns.


  • Lava Kirinite
  • Rhodium and black enamel accents
  • Pen Length: 5 1/4"
  • Pen Diameter: 1/2"