Marfione Custom Knives Brass Mini Spin Top, Green Titanium Stem

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Marfione Custom Knives (MCK) are well known for their high-end custom knives and products that feature exotic materials that turn mere tools into works of art. With that same mantra, MCK brings us another addition to their line-up to piggy-back the ever-growing spinning tops culture. Offered in a wide variety of finishes, each model is meticulously hand-crafted and sports removable top stems that can actually be swapped out with any other Mini Spin Top. Furthermore, every model spins fluidly thanks in part to the carbide ball tip for hours of spinning action. This particular model features a brass body coupled with a green titanium stem. Made in the USA.


  • Overall Width: 0.73"
  • Overall Height: 0.83"
  • Stem Material: Titanium
  • Body Material: Brass
  • Weight: 0.4 oz.