Pro-Tech Runt, Bead Blasted Plain Blade, Black Handle

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Pro-Tech describes their nice little auto as, "Small but mighty. This is our original 2" (California Legal) Auto Knife" This auto knife snaps out strong and locks up tight. It has a bead-blasted blade made from 154-CM Steel with a nice blade shape that gives maximum cutting surface. The handles are T6-6061 milled aluminum (black) and feel good in the hand.

The Runt is one of my favorite auto knives currently on the market that is Cali-legal. This little auto knife has all the top quality construction you expect out of a ProTech automatic and it has a size that makes it okay to carry in most places. The handls are milled aluminum and feel really nice. As soon as you pick the Runt up, you know you are carrying a well made knife. I really like the blade. It gives you plenty of cutting surface and is made of 154-CM steel so it keeps and edge and is reasonable easy to sharpen when that time comes. Great auto knife.

Blade: 154-CM Stainless Steel, 1.9" Long Blade, .115" thick, 59RC, Bead Blasted Handle: T6-6061 Anodized Aluminum, Black, .44" thick, 1.0" wide Open Overall Length: 5.1" Closed Overall Length: 3.2" Weight: 2.0 ounces