Pro-Tech TR-3SWAT Tactical Response 3 Auto Knife, 154CM Black Blade

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The TR-3 SWAT is extremely popular with Law Enforcement Professionals and Military. Most likely because it has a slender, well designed handle. It has a multi-task 3.5" blade that on this version is all black. The handle is machined from solid bars of T-6 aluminum. This is a very quality knife. This auto knife is a traditional size and shape. It is the perfect size, has a nice grip, and the blade is very solid. The auto button pops the blade right out and it has a solid snap to it. Definitely one of the better knifes around for all your jobs. Blade: 154-CM Stainless Steel, 3.5" Long Blade, .125" thick, 59RC , Black DLC Coat Handle: T6-6061 Anodized Aluminum, Black Open Overall Length: 8.0" Closed Overall Length: 4.5" Weight: 3.6 ounces

The TR-3 SWAT automatic knife by Pro-Tech is fantastic. This high quality knife has black T-6 aircraft aluminum handles with grooves lengthwise down them for better gripping power. The plain edged blade is 154-CM stainless steel and this edition has the DLC black coating on the blade. The action on the automatic button is great. The blade snaps open quickly and with enough force you know it is an automatic. The blade, like on all the Pro-Tech automatic knives, locks up tight and has no play in it. Because of it's great utility and no nonsense style, this knife is extremely popular with Law Enforcement Professionals and with the Military. My favorite things about this multi-task knife are that it is a great size. With a 3.5" blade, it is about perfect. I also like the grip. You can get a nice hold on this knife. It has jimping (grooves across the back of the handle) which give you even better control when you need to get down and dirty with this knife. I also really like the look. It is a classic style knife that will quickly become one of your most favorites. A great EDC (every day carry) knife.