ProTech Large Don Automatic Knife, Maple Burl Inlays, Satin Blade, 1906

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The Pro-Tech Large Don Automatic Knife has classic styling, very modern 3D CNC Machining, and unequaled craftmanship. This model, 1906, is built with black aluminum machined handles that feature stunning maple burl inlays. The incredible five inch plain edge blade has a satin finish. The coil spring is super smooth and the finish is amazing. The integrated guards on this classic style "old school" knife is reminiscent of knives coming out of Italy. Like every Pro-Tech automatic knife, the spring really SNAPs the blade out.

  • Blade: 154-CM Stainless Steel - 5" Long / .9 Wide / .125" Thick
  • Handle: .9" Long / 1.12" Wide / .49" tapered to .43" Thick
  • Weight: Aluminum Handle aprox. 4oz