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Ruger Crack-Shot Compact Assisted Folding Knife, Black Stonewash Plain Blade

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The Crack-Shot Compact everyday folder is a tribute to the popular Ruger American Rifle. CRKT's precise execution of this Ken Steigerwalt design rings true in all ways. This is a folding knife with locking liner, featuring Outburst assisted-opening, reliable Fire Safe blade safety, stonewashed drop point blade, glass-reinforced nylon handles and a clip.


  • Blade Length: 3.50"

  • Blade Thickness: 0.110"

  • Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV Hardness 58-59 HRC Steel

  • Blade Style: Drop Point

  • Handle Material: GRN

  • Weight: 3.5 oz.

  • Clip: Yes

  • Overall Length: 7.12"

  • Closed Length: 4.00"

  • Sheath: Sold Separately

The Shot Heard Round the World

The crack from the Ruger Crack-Shot Compact Assisted Folding Knife rings throughout the globe. Just as the first shot heard on the Old North Bridge during the battles of Lexington and Concord lead to a marvelous revolution that has changed the world, so too will the firing of the Ruger Crack-Shot Compact knife revolutionize your life. At the time when the shot was fired, no individual considered its significance and perhaps called it a thing of naught. But when looked back upon by historians, they claim this brief instant in time started off the Revolutionary War and everything that followed; liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Similarly, the Ruger Crack-Shot Compact knife may appear insignificant. It is worth something more. The impact this knife can have in your daily life will rock your world. Like our great American beginnings, this minor Crack-Shot will revolutionize how you cut, slice, and dice with your knife. Today, people are still discussing the shot heard round the world. Constantly it is being referenced in media and other pop-culture arenas. Many years into the future, people will still be not only discussing the Crack-Shot but using it as well. The Ruger Crack-Shot Compact is an American classic created with the American Dream in mind.

Making the American Dream a Reality

The all-American company Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. or Ruger for short has teamed up with Columbia River Knife & Tool, Inc. (CRKT) to create this American classic. In October 2015, the two companies introduced their collaboration with a new line of knives that would perfectly meet the demands of an American people. The goal—according to Chris Killoy, Ruger President—is to bring affordable and reliable products to the general public. This goal absolutely falls in line with the classic American Dream, which is that everyone (no matter what kind of financial background) can live a life that is prosperous and successful. The Ruger Crack-Shot fulfills this dream that everyone can purchase a high-quality knife for a low cost.

Ruger teamed up with CRKT knowing that they too shared similar objectives. CRKT has been recognized for being an established leader in the knife industry. The Oregon-based company, since 1994, has been working to provide high-quality knives for a low price. With their modernized designs and devices, this made a perfect match with Ruger.

Ruger American Rifle Inspired Knife

The Ruger Crack-Shot Compact Assisted Folding Knife and the other knives in the Ruger knife line were developed by five master knife-smiths: Bill Harsey from Oregon, Ryan Johnson from Tennessee, Matthew Lerch from Wisconsin, Robert Carter from Texas, and Ken Steigerwalt from Pennsylvania. Each of these gentlemen combined their knowledge of knife making with aesthetic details and quality inspired by Classic Ruger American Rifle firearms. The specific designer behind the Crack-Shot was Ken Steigerwalt. These men would not settle for anything less than high quality. Similar to the rifle of which it is modeled after, the Crack-Shot is a high-quality piece of technology that is cost-effective. With all that has been put into the knife, you will definitely get more bang for your buck.

The handle design and finish of the Crack-Shot directly comes from the rifle and features some of the exact details. The gripping on both the knife and the gun are the same. With a textured handle, it makes it easy to keep a secure grip and use.


The Ruger Crack-Shot Compact was created by the knife industry’s master designers with a purpose. It needed to work well, be economically reasonable to purchase, and be comfortable. Here in America, we enjoy our day-to-day comforts; especially while we work. That is why the Crack-Shot is ergonomically friendly. Ergonomics, coming from two Greek words mean “to work” and “natural,” focuses on the practicality of a product and the user. The Crack-Shot is an ergonomic wonder. Like previously mentioned, the handle design is similar to that of the American Rifle from Ruger. The grip on the gun has one primary purpose and that is to provide a stable, secure grip to allow for optimal performance from the user. Likewise, the knife shares a similar goal. The texturized handle is there to add extra grip and friction to reduce the chance of the knife slipping from the hand. Additionally, the knife handle features hand and digit grooves that make the knife more comfortable and safe in the hand. When the knife is properly held in hand, the blade is in the perfect spot to accomplish all tasks that you will need to do with your knife.


One of the unique features that the Ruger Crack-Shot Compact Assisted Folding Knife claims is its different style of locking and firing. This crafty piece of technology was created for optimal safety. Its innovative nature highlights the American industry that the companies affiliated with it strive for. The feature is called the Outburst® Assisted Opening System. It is a type of spring assisted mechanism that opens the knife when the thumb stud on the blade is pressed and moved slightly outward away from the handle. One of the benefits of having this type of firing system is that there is little chance of the blade accidentally opening up, thus providing a high level of security. There are very few knives that have this type of safety mechanism. It is unique and adds value to the knife. Again, this type of invention highlights the classic American ideals of progression. In addition to the Outburst® Assisted Opening System, there have been other pieces added to the knife to increase its security. The Crack-Shot includes a liner lock to provide extra stability when using the blade and provides additional security in preventing the blade from closing.


The Ruger Crack-Shot Compact Assisted Folding Knife sits comfortably well with those who have an average hand size. One notable specification to the knife is its weight. Weighing in at 3.86 ounces, this knife weights just right. It isn’t too big or too small, this knife is just the right size. The weight of the knife is pretty dense compared to other knives of a similar size. This is alright because, in America, we like everything bigger. Disregarding that sarcastic remark, the Crack-Shot’s weight makes it much more durable. You know when you are holding or carrying the knife, thus alleviating any fear of losing the knife. When holding it in person, it is easy to feel: this knife is ready for some cutting. Some other specs include:

· Overall Length: 7.25"

· Closed Length: 4.00”

· Blade Length: 3.25"

· Blade Thickness: 0.11"

· Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV

· Blade Edge: Straight or Combo Edge

· Blade Style: Drop Point


· Weight: 3.86 oz.

· Clip: Tip-Down

· Lock Type: Liner Lock

· Opener: Thumb Stud

· Sheath: None

· Made in Taiwan

Now to calm some about where this knife was made. Though this knife was made in Taiwan, it carries a true American legacy through each of its parts. And it can still be said, it was created by Americans for Americans. Plus, America is known for being a melting pot of all sorts of people. So why not their knife production?


The steel used in the blade of the Ruger Crack-Shot Compact Assisted Folding Knife continues to proclaim the original goal of the knife: a quality that is inexpensive. Specifically used in the Crack-Shot is 8Cr13MoV. It is a Chinese steel with similar characteristics to the Japanese AUS-8. Like AUS-8, 8Cr13MoV lacks the edge retention of the higher end steels. It can, however, take a sharp edge, is considerably tough, and corrosion resistant. 8Cr13Mov and its variations (including 8Cr14MoV) are excellent steels considering how little it costs to produce. For an everyday carry knife priced at $35 and under, 8Cr13MoV is a tough steel to compete with.

Stonewash Finish

A stonewash finish is considerably new in the knife industry. The process begins when a blade is rolled and tumbled with pebbles and an acid of sorts, then smoothed. In theory, it can hide scratches or other abrasions to the blade. This is a favorable characteristic that many knife owners desire. Because of the tumbling process to create this finish, it looks as if there are already hundreds of markings on it. Yet, the markings are done in a natural way to form a work of art. Like a natural snowflake, no two stonewashes are the same. The finish has a different look to it. While it mostly has a dull or matte look to it, it does shine if the light is reflected off of it just right; especially little specks scattered across the blade. Because of this style of finish, concern about scratches or any other markings on the blade can be alleviated: the knife can be used for its intended purpose of cutting and doing any other type of work. Some suggest that because of the process, a stonewashed knife can become more resistant to rust as well. The acid oxidation it goes through in the process enhances a blade's rust resistance with a stable oxide barrier between the steel and its surrounding. Another benefit of stonewashing a blade is their low maintenance and their ability to preserve their original look over time.


The Ruger Crack-Shot Compact Assisted Folding Knife has a select few variations to it. The other variations available offer a different blade finish and whether the blade is partially serrated or not. The two different blade finishes differ in color but are both stonewashed. The first is a black stonewash, the second is a normal stonewash. Both types of stonewash include a combination option to be partially serrated.

Every Day Carry

To make sure that the Ruger Crack-Shot Compact Assisted Folding Knife is a good for everyday carry, there are a few items to consider. Those criteria are: carry depth, weight, thickness, and appearance.

Carry Depth

Recall that the length of the Ruger Crack-Shot Compact Assisted Folding Knife is exactly 4.00 inches. For those that have shallow pockets, this knife may be slightly too large. But for those that have normal to deep pockets, this knife sits well. The benefit of the closed length being 4 inches is that there is little chance for the knife falling out of the pocket. The knife also has a pocket clip that goes about half the distance of the handle. This helps prevent a loose knife flying out of the pocket.


If you are going to be carrying a knife all day long, especially in your pocket, it should not be overweight and overbearing. The Ruger Crack-Shot weighs 3.5 oz. To give an idea as to how much 3.5 ounces feels, an average apple weighs about 3.5 oz. Keep that in mind as you consider carrying the Crack-Shot. Also, consider though that it isn’t bulky like an apple. The knife is just dense.


Coinciding with the weight of the Crack-Shot is its thickness. A clunky knife defeats the purpose of an everyday carry. An everyday carry knife should be on the thinner side of knives. Luckily, the Ruger Crack-Shot isn’t too thick. It has a great thickness to it. It is thick enough to have a comfortable hold on it, while not taking up too much pocket real-estate.


One of the last things to consider with an everyday carry is its appearance. The Crack-Shot has a moderate look to it. It design is not too extreme by any means. Compared to other knives, the Ruger Crack-Shot is not intimidating. When considering an everyday carry knife, it is good to keep in mind how others will feel when using it. In the end, though the choice is yours what to carry, but it is nice to bear in mind how others might feel. In the office, or wherever you might be, it is a good idea to consider if the knife fits into the environment. Tactical or other menace looking knives might not be a good choice for a more conservative atmosphere. There is no need to worry about the Crack-Shot though. It has an appearance that shouts “I am ready to protect.”

The Ruger Crack-Shot Compact Assisted Folding Knife is the perfect All-American knife. When holding this knife, others will hear its shot heard all around the world.


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