Streamlight PolyStylus Penlight with LED, Black, Four LED Colors, STR66406

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The PolyStylus is an ultra-slim, ultra-tough fiberglass penlight that fits in your pocket so you can take it with you wherever you go. The high intensity 5mm LED is impervious to shock with a 100,000 hour lifetime. Interchangeable colored LED modules - available in green (527nm), blue (470nm), red (624nm) or white, light output: white - 85 candela peak beam intensity, 9-Lumen measured system output; blue - 63 candela peak beam intensity, 1.7-Lumen measured system output; red - 72 candela peak beam intensity, 5.1-Lumen measured system output; green - 45 candela peak beam intensity, 3.5-Lumen measured system output, color coordinated parabolic reflector produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination. Runtimes: white, blue or green - 48 continuous hours to the 10-Percent lumen output level; red - 24 continuous hours to the 10-Percent lumen output level. IPX4 rated for water resistant operation, O-ring sealed polycarbonate lens. limited lifetime warranty, powered by 3 "AAAA" alkaline batteries, Integral pocket clip, tail switch designed for one-handed momentary or constant "on" operation. Design tested for long life; verified at 100k+ actuations. Unique non-conductive fiberglass body. SPECIFICATIONS: White: 85 candela peak beam intensity; 9-Lumen measured system output Ultra-tough "FiberWrap" fiberglass epoxy body resists bending or flexing Tail switch designed for one-handed momentary or constant "on" operation Uses 3 "AAAA" size alkaline batteries, included