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Overview of Knife Blade Steels

Posted by admin on Nov 3rd 2016

Choosing the best knife for yourself and your task at hand can feel overwhelming when looking at all of the options that there are. You have to decid … Read More
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The Life and Times of Blade Steel

Posted by admin on Oct 13th 2015

When choosing a knife, be it for everyday multi-purpose use or for a specific task, it helps to have an understanding of the properties of various bl … Read More
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Review of AUS 8 Stainless Steel

Posted by admin on Oct 29th 2014

AUS 8 Steel SOG Flashback Assist with AUS 8The single most important component of a good knife is the steel used to make it. A tough, versatile, dam … Read More
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What is CPM-S35VN Steel?

Posted by admin on Oct 23rd 2014

CPM S35VN Steel Review Chris Reeve Knives PacificWhen Crucible Industries introduced its CPM S30V steel, blade-smiths and knife-lovers alike fell in … Read More
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What are the benefits of ELMAX Steel?

Posted by admin on Oct 22nd 2014

ELMAX Steel in Knives LionSteel TS-1 KnifeChoosing the right steel for a knife is not an easy thing to do. There are just so many variables to consi … Read More