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Gerber Knives

Gerber Knives

Gerber knives are designed for a variety of functions including many different automatic knives, survival knives, pocket knives, and spring assisted knives. Gerber pocket knives are some of the best in the knife industry. They are designed for all types of users, from the guy who just wants a good quality pocket knife to the guy looking for a quality military knife that will withstand the elements and perform when needed most. The new Gerber LMF II is just the next in a long line of top quality Gerber Survival Knives.


Gerber Legendary Blades is known for crafting knives that blend functionality, durability, and innovative design. Offering a wide array of knives including automatic knives, survival knives, fixed blades, and folding knives, Gerber caters to a diverse clientele. From the everyday user in search of a reliable pocket knife to the professional looking for a survival tool, Gerber knives perform under the most demanding conditions. 


Gerber automatic knives, like the Gerber Empower and Gerber Propel, feature advanced mechanisms like an oversized release button that ensures quick deployment and secure handling. The incorporation of high-grade materials like a CPM S 30V stainless steel blade and features like a lanyard hole and pocket clip demonstrate Gerber's commitment to creating versatile and user-friendly tools. These knives exceed the expectations of users due to the brand's precision craftsmanship and unique designs. 


When it comes to selecting the right Gerber knife, it's important to understand the distinct advantages of each type:

  • Automatic Knives: Gerber's line of automatic knives includes the Gerber 06 Auto, Covert Auto, Empower, and Propel Auto Tanto. These knives offer rapid deployment with a simple push button, making them ideal for self-defense and utility.
  • Fixed Blade Knives: Known for their sturdiness and ease of maintenance, these fixed-blade knives handle any task. They are great tools for combat and camping.
  • Folding Knives: Gerber's folders combine portability with reliability. These are solid and sharp, making them versatile tools for everyday carry.
  • Survival Knives: Many Gerber survival knives have a corrosion-resistant steel blade and secure grip, making them valuable tools for outdoor tasks. The LMF II Infantry, Big Rock Camp Knife, and Bear Grylls line are perfect choices for these heavy-duty tasks.



At BladeOps, we offer an unmatched selection of high-quality blades for sale. Our expertise in the knife industry allows us to provide detailed insights and reviews of the features and benefits of each Gerber knife. Whether you're searching for the latest Gerber auto knife or a classic fixed blade, BladeOps makes sure your shopping experience is as reliable and enjoyable as the knives we sell. With BladeOps, you're investing in a tool that will exceed your expectations, promising optimal functionality and performance for a lifetime. 



Are Gerber knives legal to carry?

Knife laws vary by location, especially for automatic knives. It's important to check your local and state laws before purchasing, carrying, or handling these knives.

How do I safely operate a Gerber automatic knife?

Gerber automatic knives have safety mechanisms like a slide safety that locks the firing button with the blade in its open or closed position. This feature is great for military and law enforcement. Always handle the knife with care during deployment to prevent any injuries. 

What is the advantage of having stainless steel blades on my Gerber knife?

Gerber knives have premium stainless steel blades that offer excellent corrosion resistance to maintain the knife's integrity and appearance. This allows them to handle cutting tasks in various environments.