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Benchmade Out the Front Knives

Benchmade Out The Front Knives

Benchmade OTF knives are sure to please. They perform well and they look well made and unlike some of the lower end out the fronts these are not just for show, they are sharp and tough. With blades made from D2 and S30V, handles made from 6061T aluminum the Infidel and its younger siblings from the H&K arm of Benchmade are ready to go. 


Benchmade's out-the-front knives showcase the brand's commitment to excellence in knife knife-making. OTF knives are known for their durability, strength, and precision. They feature premium materials like D2 tool steel and S30V stainless steel, ensuring top-quality performance with every cut. The handles, made from 6061T aluminum, promise comfort and durability for every user. Benchmade OTF automatic knives demonstrate the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Several models stand out in the market, including the Benchmade Mini Infidel and Benchmade Phaeton.


In recent years, Benchmade OTF knives have earned a reputation for their reliability and superior craftsmanship, and they are built for exceptional performance. Their design is characterized by efficient blade deployment and secure locking mechanisms, making them the ideal choice for knife enthusiasts and professionals. At BladeOps, we offer an extensive selection of Benchmade OTF knives, each delivering consistent performance and resilience. We bring a unique experience to customers, guaranteeing satisfaction and a blade that lasts a lifetime.


Choosing the right Benchmade OTF requires an understanding of the features that make each knife suitable for different users. When exploring the options at BladeOps, here's what you should keep in mind:

  • Blade Quality: The core of an OTF knife is its blade. Benchmade offers various types of blade steel, including D2 and S30V stainless steel. Whether it's a double-action OTF knife or a single-action blade, the quality of the blade impacts the accuracy of your cut.
  • Deployment Mechanism: One thing that makes the OTF knife stand out is its automatic mechanism. These switchblades automatically deploy the knife from its closed position once the user presses a button. With a single action, the spring ejects the knife, but a dual-action knife ejects and retracts the blade. This feature is essential for scenarios requiring speed and ease of access.
  • Ergonomics and Comfort: It's vital to have a knife that's comfortable to handle. Benchmade OTF knives feature handles with 6061T aluminum, offering a secure grip and functionality. Consider the knife's handle material and blade shape, and how it feels in your hand.
  • Intended Use: The intended use plays a key role in the selection process. You might prefer the tactical appeal of OTF knives or the everyday use for more casual cutting tasks.



  • Everyday Carry: For everyday tasks and convenience, the Benchmade OTF is a reliable EDC knife. These lightweight tools are the best choice for opening boxes, cutting food, or other daily tasks.
  • Tactical Use: With their quick blade deployment and sturdy design, OTF knives are ideal for law enforcement officers and self-defense situations. Users deploy a single-action OTF by activating the push button, while a double-edged dagger blade is deployed with a thumb slide.
  • Outdoor Activities: OTF knives handle outdoor activities like camping and fishing with ease. Their high-quality materials and quick deployment make them an extremely versatile tool.
  • Collectors’ Item: Users appreciate OTF automatic knives for their craftsmanship and design, making them the perfect tool for collectors.


At BladeOps, we focus on providing our customers with the most high-quality knives. We understand that each knife enthusiast has unique needs, which is why our selection offers value that goes beyond the price tag. With our customer-centric approach, we provide detailed feedback and insights that ensure you make the right decision, and our goal is to deliver an experience that brings excitement to your journey. A Benchmade OTF knife is a tool that you can rely on for any task, so trust BladeOps to help you find the perfect knife that meets your needs. 



What is Our Most Popular Model?

Our Benchmade knives are popular among many users, especially the Benchmade Autocrat Dagger, Benchmade Phaeton, Benchmade Infidel, and its smaller version the Mini Infidel. Reach out to our team at BladeOps and we will help you select the best OTF knife that meets your unique needs. 

Are Benchmade Knives Legal in the United States?

Yes, they are. However, some laws vary by state and sometimes by municipality. Check your local laws and regulations before purchasing a Benchmade OTF knife. 

What Makes Benchmade’s Blade Materials Stand Out?

The Benchmade OTF is a well-made knife, known for its superior blade materials like D2 and S30V steel. Several of these knives also feature a deep pocket clip for easy carry and access. These knives offer reliability and functionality and always create the cleanest cut. 

How Do I Maintain My Benchmade Knife?

Maintain your Benchmade OTF knife by regularly cleaning the blade after use. Utilize disposable cleaning materials and light oil, ensuring the blade remains free of debris. Careful storage and frequent sharpening are also important for keeping your knife in optimal condition.