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Blackhawk! Blades

Plain Edge & Combo Blackhawk Knives

BlackHawk! Blades™ (BHB) combines the industry-leading innovation of our Masters of Defense® (MOD®) design philosophy with BlackHawk's extensive global production and sourcing capabilities. This dynamic synthesis enables us to expand our selection of best-in-class tactical knives by taking advantage of a broad range of both domestic and foreign manufacturing resources. For the countless law enforcement and military personnel and defense-minded citizens that have come to rely on BlackHawk products as a critical part of their personal gear, this means a broader selection of high-quality cutting tools at more affordable prices. It also represents a quantum leap in our ability to integrate the insights of recognized industry experts, real-world operators and edged-weapon trainers into our tactical cutlery production. Designs from noted close-combat trainer and counterterrorism expert J. Kelly McCann, custom knife makers Allen Elishewitz and Howard Viele and edgedweapons expert Michael Janich form the backbone of the BHB line and ensure that we have a high quality solution for every cutting need. If you're looking for the ultimate combination of design innovation, quality execution, and value in the tactical knife industry, look for BlackHawk! Blades™.