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Return Policy


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How do I return an item?

Please contact customer service for more information on returning an item. You can call us at (888) EZBLADE (392-5233) and type in extension 3 for Support. We will take undamaged returns. Every knife we send out has been quality tested by our staff before being shipped. This means the knife was in fine working order before we sent it to you. Unfortunately, because of a few people, if your knife is damaged in any way--other than a result of shipping, we will have to assume the damage was caused by you or someone else who had access to your knife after you received it. To return a knife that has been damaged in shipping--please email us immediately at ( or call us at 888 392 5233 and we will issue you a return number. Please do not try and repair your knife. Once you start taking it apart, it is yours. If your knife is undamaged, we will take a return. This means the knife and the packaging must be intact and undamaged. We do charge a 15% restocking fee on all returns. To return an item, please send an email to We will issue you a return number. Without the return number, we are unable to accept any returns.

Thank you!

Full BladeOps Returns and Exchanges Policy

Order Issues: If your order arrives and anything is broken, wrong, or missing, contact us immediately for a return authorization number (RMA#) so we can document and fix your problem quickly and to your satisfaction.

Broken or Damage Products: We actually check every knife before it leaves our office to ensure that it is in working order. The only exception to this is manufacturer sealed knives (in bags or such). If one or more of your products arrives and it is broken or damaged in any way, please contact us immediately for exchange information. DO NOT PLAY THE REPAIR MAN AND TRY AND FIX IT YOURSELF! If you take your knife apart, we cannot exchange it for another because we have no way of knowing if you broke it by taking it apart.

Other Returns or Exchanges: We give each customer ten (10) days from the time your order is delivered in which to decide if you are happy with your product. If you are going to return it for any reason in the first 10 days, you must be able to return it in new and unused condition with all the packaging (read the box and the paperwork that came in the box). If you use your knife, we cannot take it as a return. All products must be shipped back to us on your dime. We provide free shipping to get the knife there—but if you decide you just don’t like it you have to pay to get it back to us. We do recommend you use some kind of tracking and/or insurance when you send your knife back. Once we get the knife or knives back we will initiate the refund or exchange (as agreed on). We don’t charge a fee for exchanges but we do charge a 15% restocking fee if you are returning a product for a refund. Please contact us for a return authorization number (RMA#) for all returns or exchanges.

Proper Knife Care

Every knife needs regular maintenance to continue functioning properly as well as to increase the life expectancy of the knife. Any knives with screws should be checked on a regular basis to make sure none of them are coming loose. Loose screws can affect knife performance as well as cause safety mechanisms to not engage properly. Check these more frequently on knives such as butterfly knives where the constant use can loosen the screws more quickly. Nearly all brand name knives come with loc-tight to keep screws from coming loose on their own—but don’t forget to check them anyway. You just never know, and a loose screw can be dangerous. Also, oil your knife regularly and keep free of dust and water. Over time, every knife will wear but proper care will extend the life of any knife.


Many of our products, especially our brand name knives, come with a manufacturer’s warranty. We do check each and every knife before it leaves our store. Sometimes, in shipping, they are damaged. When your knife initially shows up (for the first 10 days) we are happy to replace a defective knife. We will not replace any knife if it has been used. It is important to note, we know of no knife manufacturer that has a warranty that covers a bent or broken knife tip. If you bend or break your knife tip, you won’t be covered. Please make sure your knife is in proper working order as soon as you receive it. If it isn’t, contact us by phone or email for a return number. We will replace it. After 10 days, we will not replace any knives, for any reason. Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions to this rule. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have about any particular product and the warranty it may have from a manufacturer. None of our value blades have manufacturer’s warranties. Also, any knives which are used in unintended ways will probably have voided manufacturer’s warranties. Please consult the documentation that comes with your knife to get full warranty information. Any conversion knife, a knife which has been converted to an automatic knife, will not have a manufacturer’s warranty.

Thanks again for your order and for choosing to be our customer. We hope you are satisfied and look forward to serving you in the future. Be safe and enjoy your knife!