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The Care and Keeping of Your Knife

The Care and Keeping of Your Knife

Posted by admin on Feb 24th 2017

Knives can cost you a pretty big chunk of money, so extending their life is what many people are striving to do. Knives can take a beating, so it mig … Read More
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Basic Knife Maintanance

Posted by admin on Jul 19th 2016

We are going to give you several ideas and solutions to help you keep your knife in tip-top shape. Having a well-maintained knife will save you from … Read More
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Knife Care, Maintenance & Safety

Posted by admin on Oct 12th 2015

  Wicked Edge Sharpening SystemWith a little routine upkeep, a quality knife can provide decades of dependable service. First, let’s get s … Read More
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The Pennsylvania Knife, by M.H.

Posted by admin on Sep 25th 2014

Pennslyvania KnifeThe Pennsylvania Knife In every facet of every society, the knife has been and continues to be an incredibly important part of ever … Read More