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A Week with a Microtech Ultratech

Posted by admin on Sep 11th 2016

Molon Labe Ultratech from MicrotechMicrotech has always fascinated me with their automatic knives. Especially their Out the Fronts. With that being s … Read More
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Microtech Tri-Grip Ultratech Review

Posted by admin on Jul 7th 2016

Microtech has always been held as a great name in the knife industry. Established in 1994 near Vero Beach, Florida, Microtech has been a powerhouse i … Read More
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Microtech Ultratech OTF Knives

Posted by admin on May 4th 2010

Just finished putting the 122-6, 122-8, and 122-11 Ultratech models into the system.  They are now available.  As always, the Ultratech st … Read More