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Buyer's Guide to Automatic Knives

Buyer's Guide to Automatics

The Buyer's Guide to Automatic Knives is to explain the various types and styles of automatic knives we carry. It is also to show the advantages and benefits of each style of knife.

Automatic knives come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Most automatic knives come with some type of locking or safety mechanism. Nearly every auto knife also has a pocket clip of some kind.

Some of the most popular brands of automatic knives include Microtech Knives, Pro-Tech Knives , and Gerber knives.

When choosing an automatic knife, you should first decide if you want to purchase a knife that is a side open or an out the front knife. We classify our out the front knives as a separate category to make searching and finding your perfect knife easier. If you decide you want an out the front automatic knife, click here. Or you can go back to the buyer's guide main page and then research all about Out the Front knives in the Buyer's Guide to Out the Front Knives.

If you decide you want a side open automatic knife, then you are still at the right place. Automatic knives typically open with a trigger button that is found on the handle. Some of the trigger buttons are set flush with the handle. Some of the triggers will protrude from the handle. And some of the buttons are actually set lower than the handle--for the most part if the trigger is of this style, there will be a small indentation in the handle of the knife to allow you to press your thumb or finger into this area.