101 Automatic Knife

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This knife is named after the famous 101st Airborne. It has a parachute logo imprinted on the side of the black coated stainless steel blade. It comes in a nylon sheath and is very similar to knives that sell for several hundred. SPECIFICATIONS: OPEN: 7 7/8" CLOSED: 4 7/8" BLADE: 3" No Safety

This is one of my all time favorite value blade automatics. This knife is a solid strong performer. The action is medium speed. The blade is very heavy duty. The blade gives you a ton of cutting real estate. I really like the handle on this knife. It has a great shape for your fingers to grab onto. I especially like the added touch of the parachute logo on the side. The handle has a slide safety on the spine--the safety is an odd shape but works just fine. Great automatic knife at the price.