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Benchmade H&K Sand Turmoil OTF Auto Knife, D2 Black Blade

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This knife is out of production. Go to the Benchmade OTF Knives page for similar knives. 

The Benchmade H&K Turmoil OTF auto knife is a double action out the front model that offers smooth action and durable construction.
The entire H&K line of knives are all manufactured by Benchmade and carry their limited lifetime warranty and are eligible for all Benchmade services. This automatic knife features an an ambidextrous and asymmetrical thumb slide located on the side of the handle. Thanks to the slim profile of the knife and the multiple bi-directional jimping locations, you can effectively hold this knife in every position possible. All H&K Turmoil knives include D2 tool steel, in a drop point style blade, which was designed for hard use applications. The pocket clip is designed for tip down carry while offering either a left or right hand carry option. Made in the USA.


  • Blade Length: 3.47"
  • Overall Length: 8.1"
  • Blade Material: D2 Tool Steel
  • Blade Finish: Black
  • Handle Length: 4.63"
  • Handle Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Weight: 3.4 oz.

Out the Front

There are several advantages to owning an Out the Front knife like the Turmoil. It is fun to use and has a high coolness factor to it. There are not too many knives like it, and it looks different (in a good way). A more practical advantage of owning an Out the Front is that the blade cannot close on your fingers. You do not have to interact with the blade while closing it up. Another benefit to using this type of knife is being able to keep the same solid grip from opening the knife to closing it. This is extremely useful if you are cutting something while holding it in one hand. You will not have to set either the object being cut or the knife down. One of the last advantages of owning an Out the Front is being able to properly operate the knife with gloves on. Some other auto knives have more concealed buttons or other opening mechanisms that make it difficult to open with a glove on.


The Turmoil is a perfectly balanced knife. It has a great weight relative to its size. Below shows what the Turmoil comes with.

  • Product Type: Double-Action Out the Front
  • Overall Length: 8.10"
  • Weight: 3.43 oz.
  • Handle Length: 4.63”
  • Blade Length: 3.47"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.47"
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Blade Edge: Plain Edge
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Finish: Black
  • Handle Material: Anodized 6061 Aluminum
  • Handle Color: Desert Sand Tan
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Down Reversible


One note to make before going on to talk about the rest of these specifications is the blade finish. The black finish on the Turmoil is like any other black finish. There are not many advantages to having a black finish. However, some notable benefits of it are its coolness factor, and its low reflectivity.

H&K + Benchmade = USA

For over 50 years, H&K or Heckler & Koch has been a leading designer for knives and other small arms for the public, and for law enforcement and military forces worldwide. Their name is well known for their quality, innovation, and safety in the development of technologically advanced products. With their true American ideals, they help supply those who have joined the cause for peace; such as NATO. H&K has the vision to be, without compromise, the world’s best supplier of arms.

Teamed up with H&K is none other than Benchmade. The Benchmade history began in 1979 when Les de Asis wanted a knife that had the best quality to replace the cheap balisongs or butterfly knives, he played with as a kid. Les used his high-school experience to develop and make his dream knife a reality. He created his first balisong in his own garage. From there he took the knife he had created, the model 68 Bali-Song, to a gun store where he was asked to make more of them. From this knife came the famous Benchmade Butterfly Logo that millions recognize everywhere. And from then on, the knife industry has never been the same. As a leader in the industry, Benchmade is continuously developing the best products available.

Together, H&K and Benchmade create the ultimate knife made in the USA. This is huge! Together they help support the economy and bring pride back into this great nation.


The Benchmade H&K Class Turmoil comes in a couple of varieties. Nothing too fancy, but there are other options for this exceptional knife. The only variations are in the finishes. That’s it. All are a drop point blade with a plain edge. The finish options for the blade are either a black or satin finish. The handle gets a little fancier with its colors. The choice of handle colors is a standard black finish or the desert sand tan finish. Below is a quick look at what options you can have when choosing to pick up the Turmoil.

H&K Turmoil Variations

Blade Finish

Handle Finish









Desert Sand Tan



Desert Sand Tan

*The knife under review.

Each of these knives looks great. They all have their own special elements to them. It just so happens that I like the Desert Sand Tan handle with the black blade more.

Comparing to Microtech

To give a better idea of what the Turmoil feels and looks like, Microtech has a popular knife that many people can relate to. The Ultratech is very similar to the Turmoil in almost every way. The Turmoil is just over 8 inches overall, and the average Ultratech is a tad bit longer because of the glass breaker which is included on its handle. The closed lengths are about the same. In the area around four and a half inches. Each also weighs about 3.5 oz. The Turmoil’s handle is a quarter inch thicker than the Ultratech’s handle.

Every Out the Front knife will experience some degree of blade play. The Turmoil has more blade play than a Microtech Ultratech, but not by much. The Turmoil has a pretty solid lockup and is reliable. Another comparison to be made is the launching of these knives. Both are quick and ready to use. However, the effort to launch these knives are different. The Turmoil is easier to fire off. This is, in part, because of the switch on the Turmoil is ergonomically better. The design is to make firing and retracting the blade to be easiest for the user. When pushing the slide open, there is plenty of surface area to rub against with your thumb. In addition, the angle of the switch is low and matches that of the thumb. These make it simple to use. When it comes to retracting the knife, there is a sharply sloped angle to make it easy to draw back the blade. It is similar to a rock-climbing wall where the rock points in such a way that makes it easy to grab onto. The switch on the Ultratech looks more appealing than that of the Turmoil but isn’t as practical to use.

Overall these knives are great. But what does it for me is the firing of the Turmoil. It is easier for me to fire. But they are all sweet knives. (One last edge that the Turmoil has on the Ultratech is that it is cheaper.)

Everyday Carry

There are a few conditions to consider to make assure that the Turmoil is ready for an everyday carry or tactical knife. Those criteria are: carry depth, weight, and thickness.

Carry Depth

Recall that the closed length of the Turmoil is just under 5 inches. For those that have shallow pockets, this knife will be too big to carry. Sorry. However, for those that normally have a standard to deep pockets, this knife will fit perfectly in your pocket. The benefit of the closed length being around 5 inches is that there is a small chance that the knife will fall out of your pocket. It is always nice to have a deep carry knife. And that is just what the Turmoil has to offer. The knife’s pocket clip is just about two inches long. This gives plenty of strength to hold the knife in any pocket.


If you are going to be carrying a knife all day long, it shouldn’t be heavy. The Turmoil weighs about 3.4 oz. This knife has a hardly any weight to it. The weight seems like nothing when compared to how large the knife is. The sensation is weird when holding the knife.


A clunky knife defeats the purpose of an everyday carry. A good everyday carry knife should be slim and a low profile. The Turmoil is just that. It is slim and is low key when it comes to being thick. However, it is thick enough to have a comfortable hold on it, while not taking up too much pocket real-estate.


As mentioned before, the Turmoil comes with a desert sand tan handle. The color in person really looks like sand. The whole thing is tan, but with a few faint micro black splotches over the surface; just like real sand. Aside from the coloring of the knife is its design. Placed in important holding positions are textured grooves. These run perpendicular to the rest of the handle. Not only do they help make the knife look better, but also serves as an important element in holding the knife. It helps the knife from not slipping out of hand. Near the top of the handle, close to where the blade fires out of, is a finger guard. It’s not necessarily there to protect the finger from the blade from closing in on it, but rather for an additional grip for the Turmoil. With its ambidextrous design, the knife comes with the option to be a left or right-handed carry. Additionally, the pocket clip can change from the right side to the left.

Blade Steel

The blade steel in the Turmoil line is D2 tool steel. D2 steel is a wear-resistant steel used for various cutting tools such a shears and planers. It was first developed around the time of World War II. It contains 1.5% carbon and 11.0 – 12.0% chromium; additionally it is composed of 0.45% manganese, 0.030% max phosphorus, 0.030% max sulfur, 1.0% vanadium, 0.7% molybdenum, and 0.30% silicon. It is a popular knife steel due to its edge retention. One setback the steel has is that when it becomes dull, it is harder to sharpen. Due to its high chromium content, it is often considered a semi-stainless steel. D2 is a high carbon tool steel. Compared to a steel like 1095 it is not nearly as tough but it is capable of holding an edge for a long time. D2 is also much more resistant to corrosion than 1095. Being a tool steel, this knife is able to accomplish heavy duty tasks.

Plain Edge

In a general day-to-day sense, the plain edge is better than a serrated edge when it comes to application, especially on an everyday Out the Front. A plain edge is great to have when precision control and accuracy is needed. Having a plain edge provides a clean cut that is necessary, whether or not the job is a push cut or involves slicing. They serve a much wider purpose which most people think of when thinking of using a knife: a strong, steady pressure. The plain edge works better for applications such as shaving, skinning a fruit’s skin, skinning an animal, and just your everyday cutting tasks. All those applications involve either push cuts or precise cutting. Generally speaking, if you are going to be using more push cuts, then it is more necessary for a plain edge that has a sharp edge. Another advantage to a plain edge is that it does not snag when cutting through some ropes like that of a serrated blade. A plain edge on the Turmoil helps achieve a variety of tasks that it will come across. It is a great overall knife edge.

My Last Thoughts

A lot can be said about this knife, but if there is one thing about this knife it’s that there is no turmoil with the Turmoil. This Benchmade H&K OTF is one of the answers to handle the turmoil in your life. I really appreciate this knife. The people over at Benchmade and H&K really took their time when it came to designing this knife. It is a functional knife that also looks good. You feel proud holding and owning this knife. With its Benchmade quality, there is no question that this knife is reliable. The handle design looks great and is finished off with a unique color. What gets me the most excited about this knife, is how easy it is to use. I’m a smaller guy and I don’t have the strongest of thumbs. But to operate this knife is so simple. I truly do not have any turmoil with the Turmoil. I am a big fan of this knife. Quit wasting time and grab yourself a Turmoil today.


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