Black Widow Butterfly Knife

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This knife is out of production. Go to Butterfly Knives Under $30 page for similar knives.

The Black Widow Butterfly knife has tactical black stainless steel handles and blade. The handle flares wide at the base for an extremely great look. Plus, the flared shape makes it easier to hold onto the handles. The handles also have a long punch out along the top and three slanted punch outs at the base. The hex construction of the Black Widow Butterfly knife makes it really nice for expert butterfly'ers as it allows you to adjust the tension on the handles. The tang also has two pins to prevent early wear and tear on the handles. Great blade--get your Black Widow Butterfly knife and start the fun.

Fantastic butterfly with a unique handle shape. The Black Widow butterfly knife has nice, smooth action and a great weight. The handles flare at the bottom for an extremely unique shape. Made with hex construction, this butterfly has adjustable tension. These hex screws should be checked occasionally just to make sure they haven't worked loose. If you are looking for a solid butterfly knife that looks and feels good in your hands, this is it.

Closed: 5 3/4" Open: 9 3/4" Blade Length: 4" Hex Construction Weight: 4.8 Ounces