Blackhawk Blades! Razorback Trocar, Part Serrated

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The Blackhawk Blades! Razorback Trocar is one of the best fixed blade knives you will find for field work. For many years, Massad Ayoob's versatile Razorback fixed blades have been a mainstay of tactical medics who use it for everything from inserting chest tubes to performing amputations. Blackhawk Blades worked with advisors from the INternational School of Tactical Medicine to revise the Razorback and maximize its funcionality as a medical tool. It still retains its personal defense capabilities and is even more affordable. This awesome and versatile fixed blade has a Teflon-coated AUS8A stainless steel blade and has depth-index grooves and a ridiculously sharp tip (truly scalpel-sharp). It comes with a fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle which gives you an incredibly positive grip and comes standard with a complete TCCS (Total Concealed Carry Solution) sheath system that allows you to carry it in more than 70 different positions. This is a must have blade for field soldiers. This model has a partially serrated blade. What an amazing fixed blade knife. Get yours today! • Blade Length: 3.875” • Overall Length: 8.400” • Blade Material: AUS8A stainless steel • Blade Finish: Black Teflon® coating • Edge type: Plain edge or partially serrated with zero-ground tip • Handle Material: Fiberglass-reinforced injection-molded nylon • Sheath: Injection-molded nylon with TCCS hardware system • Optional Accessories: Accessory/Replacement Sheath (R1500005), TCCS Hardware Kit (R1500002), and S.T.R.I.K.E. CQC Platform (38CL63)

This is one of my more favorite fixed blade knives. First, I really like the products that Blackhawk Blades! make. They use good quality materials and produce them right. The blade material is high quality AUS8A stainless steel and has a nice Black Teflon coating. I know some people don't like the black blade, but I do. This model comes with a serrated blade, for the purposes of this knife, it makes more sense than a plain edge blade--at least in my mind. I know a lot of people don't like serrations, but I like them with this type of tactical or survival knife. The blade is very narrow (edge to spine) and you may think it makes the blade not strong enough. Let me tell you, this knife is plenty strong. The hanlde is made with fiberglass reinforced nylon that is injection molded. In normal words, it feels good in your hand and provides a good gripping surface. This fixed blade knife also comes with a sheath made of injection molded nylon. The sheath can go in a number of different set ups--almost unlimited it seems to me. Wherever you prefer to carry this knife, it probably will go there. I like this knife especially because it is designed well and made of top notch materials. You almost have to see it to believe how good it is.