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Auto-Tek and Ultra-Tek Blade Sharpeners

Posted by admin on Mar 15th 2010

Kershaw recently came out with two field sharpeners that are worth mention.  The first, the Auto-Tek, opens and closes with a switch.  Hence, it is eseentially, an auto opening sharpener.  The Ultra-Tek opens by unscrewing the cap and then reversing it so the sharpener is out of the handle and screwing it back on that way.  Both of these sharpeners are great–if you think of them as field sharpeners or as honing sharpeners.  If you are looking for the full deal, you would be better off going with a different sharpener.  But, if you want something small to throw in your gear bag–either of these are great.  They do a good job of getting the edge back on your blade and are perfect for when you are out working, camping, or just having fun in the wilderness.  Out of the two, even though the Auto-Tek is much more fun (because it opens and closes like an automatic knife) I think the Ultra-Tek wins because it seems just a little bit more durable.  I am hard on gear and want something that won’t give me any problems.  Even though I prefer an OTF knife or a side open automatic knife, when it comes to a sharpener, I want simple and basic.  That is why I prefer the Ultra-Tek.