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Automatic Gerber Knives

Posted by admin on Sep 22nd 2010

We carry several different styles of Gerber automatic knives.  One of the most popular auto knives from Gerber that we carry is the Gerber Covert.  This knife is an Applegate-Faribairn design and has a very generous oversized trigger button that makes it simple to activate.  The Covert is fairly narrow and is a great auto knife if you are looking to carry one in your pocket or in a small pouch.  If you are looking for a larger knife, both the 06 series of auto knives as well as the D.M.F. auto knives by Gerber fit the bill.  These larger sized automatic knives are fairly similar in size and action.  The DMF series (which stands for dual multi function) can be opened either right or left handed as they have a slide trigger inset in the handle.  You pull the slide and the blade opens.  The 06 series feature a similar shaped handle but with a large oversized button that makes it easy to open if you have bare hands or you are wearing tactical gloves.  All of these automatic knives are well built, solid products–just like you would expect from Gerber.  If you are looking for an automatic knife, a Gerber knife may be just what you have been looking for.