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Brand New Schrade Assist Knives at BladeOps

Posted by admin on Jan 30th 2014

Schrade Assist Knife, 5BR
Schrade Assist Knife, 5BR

Just in are a couple new lines of Schrade Assist Knives.  Both the 5 series and the 6 series have started to hit the shelves.  What is so great about these knives you ask?

They use the same fantastic M.A.G.I.C. assist system that the Smith and Wesson knives in the M&P series use.  This means that the blades snap out really fast, lock up is tight, and dependability is extremely high.  Exactly what you want out of a great, EDC assist knife.

The 6 series is bigger than the 5 and has beefier handles.  The handles also have a partial black polymer overlay which gives your hand loads of grip spots so you have a solid, secure grip.  The 5 series are just a bit shorter (nearly an 1″ overall) and they have thinner handles.  The handle scales on the 5 are somewhat futuristic looking and cant the blade slightly forward for a grip that allows for excellent slicing and pull cuts.  Both series use the MAGIC assist system.  Both series also have a slide safety that gives you even greater blade security.  Schrade knives also have a limited lifetime warranty–which gives you to purchase with even more confidence.

If you have been looking for a mid size to large spring assist knife, definitely check out the great new Schrade knives that have arrived at BladeOps.