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Cold Steel Mini Tac Beaver Tail Knife

Posted by admin on May 6th 2010

We just got into stock a bunch of new Cold Steel knives that will be showing up in the next few days.  The first one I put into the system was the Mini Tac Beaver Tail.  This is sure to be an extremely popular knife.  When we first get knives, we typically order just a few of them to make sure they are the kind of product we want to sell at  I have generally liked everything that Cold Steel makes.  They make an extremely durable and strong product with a specific market in mind. 
The Mini Tac Beaver Tail knife is incredible.  It is small enough to carry on a neck chain (provided). Or you can carry it in your pocket–or really just about anywhere since it is so small.  The blade shape is unique, and extremely useful.  But the all time best thing about this knife is the handle.  It is short, but shaped so that it feels like a big size knife in your hand.  Some small knives, you grab onto them and you feel as if they are too small to do anything with.  The Mini Tac Beaver Tail gives you a ton a control.  It has a specially designed finger spot for your forefinger which gives you all kinds of control of the knife.  Made with G-10 handle scales, the knife is a full tang design which increases it’s strength.
This is a great little knife for nearly any situation.