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Favorite New Schrade Assist Knife of 2014 — SCHA7SM Series

Posted by admin on Mar 8th 2014

Schrade Assist 7 Knife
Schrade Assist 7 Knife–small version with venom green handle

Continuing on with my favorites new knives of 2014 series, I have now decided that my favorite new Schrade Assist knife for 2014 is the SCHA7SM series. Just this year, Schrade came out with the 7 series in both a large and a small version.  Both sizes are fantastic, but I prefer the smaller version.

These knives boast aluminum handles.  Available in three colors (brown, black and venom green), the handle features unique machining.  The angles are such that no matter how you hold the knife, you get a good grip on it.  Like most smaller knives, the big concern is how it feels in your hand.  This one feels right.  It has a wider than average, somewhat shallow and slightly elliptical shape.  This gives your forefinger plenty of space to lay across the handle.  I normally grab my knife with my forefinger at a slight angle instead of exactly perpendicular to the handle.  The second finger groove is about 50% longer and easily allows for your next two fingers to sit in.  My pinkie hangs off the end of the handle–but the handle butt angles sharply up from the end of the second finger groove.  This allows my pinkie to sit tight on the handle butt and gives my hand a comfortable feel.  It also gives me an extremely secure grip.  With the pinkie on the handle butt, the handle isn’t going anywhere.  I also like the finish on the handle.  It has a coarse powder coat which gives it a mild sandpaper feel.

The blade is AUS8 and comes with a bead blast finish on the brown handle model and a black tactical finish on the black and venom green handles.  You can get any of the three versions with a standard edge or with a combo edge.  I prefer the plain edge.  The blade has a shallow curve on the spine right near the handle.  This gives your thumb a very nice purchase when you are making fine slicing cuts.  The blade opens with the MAGIC system.  This is the exact same system used in the Smith & Wesson spring assist knives.  If you have never used a knife with the MAGIC system–you will be pleased.  The blade opens fast with a slight tug on the blade actuator (spine flipper but different mechanism).  Or you can use the ambidextrous thumb studs.  The blade locks open with a liner lock.  And you can lock the blade open or closed with the slide safety lock.  When it is “live” it shows red dot so you know the blade can be actuated.

What I like most about this knife is the size.  At just over 3.25″ closed, the knife fits nicely in my pocket and doesn’t take up much space at all.  The blade is over 2.5″ long so it gives me all the cutting power I need for every day cutting tasks.  I also really like the feel of the coarse powder coat.  It gives the knife a unique look.  If you prefer a bigger knife, check out the larger size–they operate and feel just the same, except bigger.   So whether you pick up the venom green model so you can destroy incoming zombies or the classic black model for your every day tactical life–check out the new small Schrade Assist 7 knife on our website and let me know what you think of yours.

Overall: 5 7/8″
Blade: 2.6″
Closed: 3.3″
Weight: 2.6 oz