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Flashlight Review: Olight S2R Baton Rechargeable Flashlight

Flashlight Review: Olight S2R Baton Rechargeable Flashlight

Posted by SD on Feb 23rd 2021

The Olight S2R Baton Rechargeable Flashlight

The Olight S2R Baton II features a variety of characteristics that make this flashlight the ideal outdoors flashlight. In fact, this flashlight is perfect for camping, hiking, or pretty much any other outdoor activity that you can think of. The body of the flashlight is textured, which delivers both style and function. It can shine up to 1150 lumens on high and has a max runtime of a whopping 60 days. This is part of their baton series, and it comes with a rechargeable battery, a carry pouch, and more. The flashlight even has a convenient clip attachment. Overall, there isn’t much that this S2R Baton flashlight is missing. Read on to find out why the details make it the perfect outdoor flashlight for you.

Why Olight?:

First of all, why should you trust Olight to your outdoor needs and even your outdoor wants? Well, they believe that no one should be left in the dark. In fact, they care so much about providing quality illumination to everyone who wants it that they focus on every little detail. These details range from brightness, runtime, ergonomics, and even the size and weight of the flashlights that they create. They choose to push their products to the limit so that they can provide you with the best lights in the smallest package possible. This combination means that you are going to have the right tools to conquer the night.

Further, they are a technology driven lighting company that wants to provide the best for their customers. They design different flashlights for practically everyone’s needs. From outdoors to sports, to veterans, they understand you, and your needs, so that they can provide you with an expectational tool. When you purchase an Olight, you are purchasing more than just a flashlight. You are purchasing a quality design with functionality that really works when you need it to. You are purchasing a tool that is going to assist you in many different ways.

Olight says that they are “committed to building quality portable illumination tools that are durable, reliable, and efficient.” Not only that, but their engineering team works to design a tool that fits perfectly into the task that you need it to. And the Olight S2R Baton is no different from their other tools. When you purchase this flashlight, you are purchasing an expectational outdoor tool that is durable, quality, and reliable.

The Actual Light:

The first part of the actual light is the lumens. To understand why the lumen count is important, it is first important to 

OLight, S2R Baton Flashlight

really even understand what a lumen is. In the most basic of terms, a lumen is light output. This is basically the total amount of light that you can see that is coming directly from a light source, such as this Olight flashlight. The higher that the lumen rating is, the brighter the light appears to us. The S2R Baton has a maximum output of 1,150 lumens. This is important to an outdoors flashlight, because this is a high number of lumens. But typically, when you are further removed from society, and more in the wild, the less light sources that there are. So, while you may just need a simple flashlight when you are working around your house or yard, when you are in the great outdoors, you are most likely going to need, or prefer, a brighter flashlight. 1,150 lumens is bright! It is going to seriously illuminate the path or whatever else you are trying to see more clearly. With this many lumens, you won’t have to worry about your flashlight being dim or not illumination well enough. This Olight will seriously show you the way.

Further, there is also the candela rating, which comes in at 4600. The candela is another way to measure the output of a light source, such as this flashlight. While lumens consist more of the brightness and overall light output of a flashlight, the candela is the amount of light in one direction, or a more focused light source. The candela rating can also be understood as the intensity of the beam, so how focused the light can really be. In terms of a candela rating, 4600 is fairly high. You won’t feel stranded with this flashlight.

Finally, there is the beam distance. The beam distance is simply stating how far the light reaches. For this Olight flashlight, it reaches 135 meters ahead. Again, this is much more than you would find on your standard home flashlight, which is important. This means that you’re not just seeing what is right in front of you, but you can see significantly further ahead of you. Of course, the further the light travels, the less intense it is at that point, so you aren’t going to be getting the full 4600 candelas at 135 meters, but there will be enough light that you can see 135 meters ahead when needed. Overall, this is a strong flashlight. One that is seriously going to light the way. You shouldn’t need to feel worried about whether or not this flashlight is going to be sufficient for your outdoor needs, because with the light power that this flashlight packs, you’ll be taken care of.

Battery and Charging:

This flashlight is charged through a lithium battery that is charged magnetically through the tailcap charging cable. This makes charging simple and easy. The batteries are included in the purchase, as well as the charging cable. The charging cable is an important detail for your outdoors flashlight, because it is lighter to pack the charging cable than it is to pack a score of extra batteries. It also is more convenient and environmentally friendly to have one set of batteries that gets recharged, instead of constantly using more and more batteries. The charging cable is easy to use and charges the flashlight quickly, so that you can spend more time exploring and less time waiting around for your equipment to be ready for use.

The best part about the charging capabilities of this flashlight is that there is a three-color power level indicator that shows the power levels. This is critical for your outdoor flashlight, because you never have to be left guessing about whether or not the battery is charged for your time spent away from a power source. This means that you should never be stranded without light in the middle of an exploration, because the flashlight is trying its hardest to ensure that you aren’t stranded. It is telling you the power levels. The power level indicator is one of the many details that really sets this outdoors flashlight apart from the competition. It is also one of the details that it is going to provide you peace of mind when you are away from home or in unfamiliar territory.


One of the other major advantages of the Olight S2R Baton flashlight is that it has an insane runtime—60 days!! This 60-day runtime is when you have the flashlight set on low, but the low mode is still going to provide you with plenty of 

OLight S2R Baton Flashlight Review

light. There are 5 modes to this flashlight, so you know that you are never going to be putting off too much light, but you also won’t have too little light. Really, the five different light modes ensures that you are always satisfied with the amount given off by this flashlight. Plus, this has an insanely high max runtime, so even if you are using the flashlight on a mode higher than the lowest one, you will still have a super high runtime. This means that you can feel confident taking this flashlight with you, knowing that you won’t have to charge it when you are out and about adventuring. In fact, with a runtime like the one that this boasts, charging this flashlight almost wont’ even have to cross your mind. Olight knew exactly what they were doing with this outdoors flashlight, and they accomplished it well.


Another advantage of the S2R Baton flashlight is that it has a water resistance level of IPX8. What exactly does this mean? Well, it means that it can be submerged in around a meter of water, sometimes even more, for around 30 minutes, and when you pull it back out, it can still run perfectly. This is a massive advantage of this Olight flashlight that sets it apart from the competition. When you are out hiking and camping, you know that your gear is never going to not come in contact with the elements. And having your flashlight break on you is nothing but trouble. This water resistance level ensures that this flashlight is safe and secure while you are camping, hiking, or exploring. It means that you don’t have to worry about it, because it is durable and long-lasting. Of course, this water resistance level does not mean that you can necessarily use the flashlight while under water, but it does mean that you don’t have to worry about getting it underwater, as it will still work when removed.

The Design:

Finally, we come to the design of this flashlight. This is a high-quality flashlight with high-quality materials. The flashlight is durable and reliable. Like the name says, this is a baton flashlight, which means that it is practically the same width from the bottom of the flashlight to the top. Of course, the butt and tip of the flashlight do flare out slightly from the central portion. The flare of the butt ensures that your hand will stay in place on the flashlight without slipping downward. The central portion of the flashlight, which is the portion that you are going to be holding onto, has some extreme texture added to the entire length of it. This texture also ensures that in practical any environment, you are going to have a solid grip on this flashlight. You won’t have to worry about your hand slipping, even in wetter or messier situations.

The accents on this black flashlight are all blue, which contrasts well. The pocket clip that has been attached to the upper portion of the flashlight is blue, and super strong. This pocket clip will ensure that you can easily have this attached to your pocket, belt, or even your pack. It will also ensure that the flashlight does not slip off.

The Pros:

There are plenty of pros to purchasing the Olight S2R Baton. One of the biggest advantages is the amount and the brightness of the light that this flashlight produces. It is bright, it is intense, and it extends far enough ahead that you never need to feel out of place or lost. The design of the handle is easy to use and provides an exceptional grip. This flashlight also is waterproof which can be crucial to your outdoor tasks. Plus, this flashlight comes with a rechargeable battery and a carry pouch. Plus, the flat tailcap with a strong magnet allows you to ability to use as a hands-free work light.

Final Thoughts:

The Olight S2R Baton II features a textured body that delivers style and function. This light is ideal for camping, hiking, outdoors, security, and everyday carry. With 1150 lumens on high and a max runtime of 60 days when set on low, the 5 modes give you the light you need.

The S2R Baton II, part of the incredibly popular Baton series, comes with a rechargeable battery, a carry pouch, and much more. The battery recharges right through the tailcap with the charging cable. It can throw a beam up to 135 meters.

The light has a clip attached for convenient pocket or belt carry.

With this combination of attention to detail and the quality materials hat Olight chooses to use, this is the perfect option for your new outdoors flashlight. There are practically no drawbacks to this flashlight, and so, so many advantages to it. This flashlight is likely to become your favorite outdoors flashlight that you own. It’s that good. Order yours today from BladeOps.