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Gerber Automatic Knives

Gerber Automatic Knives

Posted by admin on Sep 10th 2012

Gerber makes several different automatic knife series.  As you would expect, each series has a different name.  The following are the current Gerber Automatic Knife Series:

  1. Covert
  2. 06
  3. D.M.F
  4. Emerson
  5. Safety Auto Hook

This set of articles will compare and contrast each of the different knife series as well as the knives within each series.  Let’s start with the Covert automatic knives.

The standard size Covert Auto knife has a 3.78″ blade and is 8.7″ fully open.  The Mini Covert checks in at 6.5″ overall and has a 2.8″ blade.  Both of the Covert knives come with an S30V stainless steel blade finished black.  The blade on the Covert is a true bayonet style blade with a combo edge while the blade on the Mini Covert is combo edge also but is more of a clip point style blade.  Both blades have mild jimping on the spine.

If you put the two knives side by side, the handles are identical in style and shape–the only difference is the size.  The Covert does have some very aggresive jimping on the handle right as it curves in and then out for a better grip.  The older version did not have this jimping on the handle–I think it is great because it gives you an extra solid grip.  The curve in the handle on both knives acts somewhat like a blade guard by helping you keep your hand away from the knife.  When I hold the knives, my thumb naturally goes in the upper curve along the spine of the handle and my forefinger rests perpendicular across the lower curve for an easy, comfortable grip that gives me tons of blade control.

The action on both knives is fast.  Each one has a slide safety on the front of the handle that shows a red dot when the knife is “hot”.  The button on both knives are easy to push.  The knife is simple to manipulate with or without gloves.  Definitely one hander knives if you need them to be.

Both knives are proudly made in the USA.  Each knife also comes with a removable, tip down pocket clip and the always popular limited lifetime warranty from Gerber.  If you are looking for a solid automatic knife that you can carry daily and use regularly, either of the Gerber Covert Automatic knives will serve you well.