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Hogue Knives are in Stock at BladeOps

Posted by admin on Jan 24th 2013

Hogue EX-A01
Hogue EX-A01, model 34128, auto EX-01 with Green G-10 “G-mascus” scale and black tanto plain blade

We are pleased to announce we just received our first shipment of Hogue Knives and they are in stock ready to ship.  At the SHOT Show 2013, we had a chance to get some of these knives in our hands and were so impressed, we started off by ordering in the whole line of automatic Hogue Knives.  After they all get here and in stock, we will begin getting the fixed blade and folder knives by Hogue.  Check out the models we have, and let us know down below if there is an extra special folder or fixed blade by Hogue that we need to get in sooner.