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Italian Stiletto’s–

Posted by admin on Aug 10th 2009

We just got a couple of new Italian Style Stilettos into stock. The first is a stiletto made in China with faux carbon fiber handles. This automatic knife is just like the old school stiletto’s that you see in the movies from the 50’s and 60’s. It opens with a push of the button. The safety is a slide on the front of the handle, just below the button. This makes it easy to slide the button down and then trigger the knife blade to open–all with one hand. The blade on this knife is extremely sharp right out of the packaging. Now, although this isn’t quite on the same quality level as a Frank Beltrame knife, it is a great little stiletto at an incredible price. Check out this video to see for yourself. I also am attaching the video on how to close your stiletto–if you haven’t ever closed one it makes sense to watch this video. They are tricky to close the first time if you aren’t sure what you are doing. After you know, they are a cinch to close.

Here is the video on closing automatic stiletto knives.