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Knife Review: Microtech Tactical Hawk Automatic Knife with a Black Blade

Knife Review: Microtech Tactical Hawk Automatic Knife with a Black Blade

Posted by SD on Dec 27th 2019

The Microtech Tactical Hawk Automatic Knife with a Black Blade

Microtech Knives, Inc. is a knife manufacturing company that is famous, but especially famous for their automatic knives. This company was founded in Vero Beach, Florida and 1994 in Anthony and Susan Marfione’s apartment. They operated in Florida until 2005, when they relocated to Bradford Pennsylvania. Then, in 2009 they opened another manufacturing building in North Carolina, to speed up production.

Although they are most famous for their tactical automatic knives, they do produce many styles of blades such as kitchen knives, fishing knives, arrow heads, and balisong knives. The most popular designs among collectors are their Out the Front and Double Action automatic knives. Microtech, along with Benchmade Knives, were responsible for the resurgence in the popularity of tactical automatic knives in the 1990s. Before this knife, these knives were seen more as a precision-made tool utilizing powerful springs and high grade bushings as opposed to cheap import.

The company has long promoted itself as stressing quality with regard to tight machining tolerances, to within one thousandth of an inch Microtech has designed knives for use by the US Military, such as the HALO, UDT, SOCOM, and Currahee models. Microtech has collaborated with famous knife makers and designers such as Ernest Emerson, Bob Terzuola, Mick Strider, Walter Brend, Mike Turber, Greg Lightfoot, and Reese Weiland on exclusive designs. Greg Lightfoot, along with other custom knife makers, has remarked that it is the tolerances that Microtech sticks with that makes the factory knives so close to the custom design.

For over 20 years, Microtech has been working to build a long-standing tradition of innovation and quality with each knife that leaves our facility. In a world of ever-changing technology, Microtech strives to ensure their customers have access to the latest advancements in knife making, while still maintaining a humanize element throughout the manufacturing process. As the company continues to grow, their focus has remained the same: to deliver revolutionary products that exceed the industry’s ever-increasing desire for groundbreaking ideas. They always appreciate their customers, for not only the loyalty and support, but also for motivating Microtech to better themselves so that they can continue to rise above your expectations.

Today we will be discussing one of BladeOps’ newest arrivals: the Microtech Tactical Hawk Automatic Knife with a black blade.

The Blade:

The blade on this proof run is made out of CTS 204P stainless steel. This steel is made by Carpenter and is pretty similar to Crucible’s CPM-20CV steel. The CTS 204P steel has high amounts of Chromium, Molybdenum, Vanadium, and Tungsten. This means that the blade is going to be tough and strong, while remaining sharp throughout use.

Tactical Hawk Auto

When Carpenter is explaining this steel, they say, “The unique combination of wear resistance, toughness, polishability and corrosion resistance makes CTS 204P an excellent candidate material for pelletizer, granulator and high-performance industrial and custom knives as well as food processing equipment.” The steel is designed to have high corrosion resistance, which helps reduce the amount of maintenance that is required with the Hawk. You will not have to worry too much about the steel rusting and a simple wipe down and occasional oil should be enough to keep it having its usual high quality.

The blade has been finished with a double finish, part in black and part in satin.

The satin finish extends from the base of the blade and tapers toward the center of the blade. This portion is almost like a dagger blade shape. The satin finish is clean and bright. It does add an element of tradition to the knife, because this is the most common blade finish that you are going to find. It provides the knife with a classic look because it falls int eh middle of the luster spectrum. It also shows of the bevels of the blade, while increasing the corrosion resistance of the knife.

The black portion of the blade makes up the bulk of the knife. This portion will prolong the life of the blade because it does form a barrier in between the environment and the steel. This means that it will increase the corrosion resistance and the wear resistance of the knife.

The combination of the silver and the black creates a striking blade. This is not a combination that you see on most blades, because sot blades are just one color.

The blade has been carved into a karambit style blade. The Karambit blade shape is generally known as a self-defense blade shape. It is a very dramatic blade shape that has been designed to protect you when you need it most. In some ways, it is like a super dramatic hawksbill blade shape.

The spien of the knife has a large curve, or hook, that extends from the handle to the tip. The tip is nearly in line with the bottom of the blade, maybe even a little bit lower. The belly has a dramatic recurve to it, which is exceptional for slicing. The tip is fine and sharp, shaped similarly to the hawksbill blade shape, which makes it a great option for piercing. With this shape, you can even “hook” and “tear,” by piercing and then slicing.

Near the spine of the blade, there are five circular holes, each reducing in size as you go down the length of the blade. These are there to cut down on weight while also adding an element of character to the blade.

Like most Karambit blades, the edge has been sharpened into a plain edge. The plain edge is going to give you cleaner cuts, because there are no teeth to worry about. Also, it will be the easier blade style to sharpen, again, due to the lack of teeth or serrations.

The combination of the dramatic blade shape and the exceptional steel quality make a blade that you really cannot go wrong with. This Microtech Hawk is going to be the perfect self-defense or tactical tool.

The Handle:

The handle is made out of black anodized aluminum with grip tape inlays. Aluminum makes a great option for a knife handle material because of its various qualities. The aluminum is tough, corrosion resistant, and lightweight. In fact, aluminum is known as low-density metal. This means that it is does not have the weight that you would typically find on other materials that are as hefty as aluminum is. But, the lack of weight is not going to take away any of the toughness. A low-density metal is going to still provide you with the heft that you feel like you need to confidently rely on this Microtech. That being said, because this is a much smaller knife, you will definitely not have a heavy knife.

Aluminum is also incredibly corrosion resistant, which does mean that the knife is going to be as low maintenance as possible. This is not prone to rusting and really all of the maintenance that it requires is wiping the handle down and making sure that it is dry after each use. 6061-T6 aluminum is the aluminum alloy that has the highest yield resistance. This means that it is going to be the toughest, most durable, and most corrosion resistant alloy out of any aluminum handle.

Of course, aluminum does have a few disadvantages. The first is that it has high conductive properties. This means that in cold environments, the aluminum is going to feel even colder. In many environments, this actually does not affect the usage whatsoever. However, in extra-cold or tumultuous environments, you may want to keep in mind that the handle can feel bitter at some time. The other disadvantage is that aluminum is prone to getting scratched.

The handle on this has been anodized black. Not only does the anodization process provide a sleek color, it also increases the toughness and durability of the aluminum. The anodization makes the handle stronger and even decreases the chance of it getting scratched—which is one of the biggest disadvantages when it comes to aluminum handles. The anodization process will affectively prolong the life of the handle.

Aluminum is not known for offering the most texture and grip out of any knife handle. However, the Hawk is a knife that has been made to support you, stand by you, and to be reliable. So Microtech has added grip tape inlays. There are two inlays on the front handle scale and one on the back. The grip tape is black and really does blend in well with the rest of the handle. These inlays will take the handle to the next level, ensuring that you have a comfortable and reliable hold on it throughout your work.

The handle also has three different sections of jimping, each of which are going to give you even greater control while working with the Hawk. The first row of jimping is at the top of the spine. The second portion of jimping is at the bottom of the spine. The third portion of jimping is at the bottom of the belly. There is a very slight finger groove that will increase the quality of the ergonomics of this knife. There is also a lanyard hole near the butt of the blade

The Pocket Clip:

The pocket clip is designed for tip up carry only on the traditional side of the handle. This does mean that it is not going to be ambidextrous friendly. The clip is not a deep carry, so it won’t sit as low in your pocket as some knives would. The clip is black, which matches the rest of the hardware and the handle, as well as a portion of the blade. It is kept in place by two screws. The pocket clip does have a slight curve to it, following the ergonomics of the handle. Microtech’s logo has been stamped in silver.

The Mechanism:

This Microtech knife is an automatic knife, which does mean that it is going to have some legality issues with it. In the United States automatic knives are not legal in every state, city, or even area. This is due to a tumultuous history surrounding automatic knives. You, as the purchaser and user, are responsible for knowing your local knife laws. BladeOps is not the responsible party.

Besides the legality issues, automatic knives are a fan-favorite due to the ease of using them. All you have to do is push down on the button that sits on the face of the handle, and the blade will be deployed and lock it into place, ready for use. The button n the Hawk is grey and textured. It is also oversized, so that in the heat of the moment, you will be able to easily locate it. Automatic knives save precious seconds when it comes to self-defense, which is why they are loved by so many. The Hawk is no exception—the blade will deploy smoothly and quickly for when you need it most. To close the blade when you are done, push down the button and fold the blade back into the handle.

The Specs:

The blade on this knife measures in at 3.95 inches long with a handle that measures in at 4.8 inches long. This means that when the blade is deployed, it measures in at a solid 8.75 inches long. The Hawk weighs in at 4.96 ounces. This knife is proudly made in the United States of America.


This automatic knife features a black anodized aluminum handle with grip tape inlays, all-black hardware, a karambit style blade in a black and satin finish and the pocket clip is designed for tip up carry only.

The iconic Hawk auto first debuted in 1996 but is now back and better than ever thanks to updated aesthetics and sleeker finish for increased functionality. Enjoy an ergonomic handle design with thumb jimping and a series of cutouts on the spine of the handle to help reduce overall weight.

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