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Knife Review: Pro-Tech Custom Rose Gold Tron Calmigo Steel Automatic Knife

Knife Review: Pro-Tech Custom Rose Gold Tron Calmigo Steel Automatic Knife

Posted by SD on Oct 11th 2019

The Pro-Tech Custom Rose Gold Tron Calmigo Steel Automatic Knife

Pro-Tech Knives, LLC is a family owned knife company that has been building high quality American Made knives since 1999. Each of their knives is a blend of the finest materials available, mixed with their commitment to craftsmanship. Their knives are always built with the most current high-tech manufacturing process that includes CNC Machining, Wire EDM, and Laser Cutting. The high-tech components are assembled and hand fit by dedicated and caring craftsmen right in their factory. Yes, that does mean that they are all made in the United States of America!

One of the unique aspects about Pro-Tech is that they manufacture small batches of knives so that they can take the time to individually hand fit and finish each knife to a level that you are rarely going to find in a factory knife. Their production knife models offer the best design, function, and value of any knife that you are going to find on the market today. They even have custom art knives that are individual pieces of art. Each of their custom, limited-edition knives are a showpiece of heirloom quality. But, no matter which of their knives that you choose to purchase, they, and we, are confident that you will be very satisfied with your purchase.

Their collection of knives is always changing. They are always working on new designs form collaboration partners, new variations of classic designs, new inlay materials, Damascus blade choices, and many more.

Today we are going to be discussing what makes one of their newest releases such a great option. It is the Pro-Tech Custom Rose Gold Tron automatic knife.

The Blade:

The blade is made out of Vegas Forge Damascus steel. The name itself on this steel dates back to medieval cultures. The name does refer to a craftsmanship style that comes out of India. This was round 300 B.C. which was a time when craftsmanship was large. This steel name was most likely named for the region where it comes out of, in Syria. Damascus was originally used for swords. These swords were known to be tough, almost resistant to shattering, and even capable of getting a very fine edge on it.

At the time, Damascus steel was known as almost a superplastic, because it was hard and durable at the same time. Today, our Damascus steel can outperform the ancient Damascus steels, but many legends have come out of the Damascus steel history.

ProTech Rose Gold Tron

The Damascus steel is known for the bands and mottling that is welded together in a patterned fashion to create a decorative blade. Often times, this pattern is compared to flowing water. To create this steel, the manufacturer is going to combine different pure metals, depending on what they want to get out of the specific Damascus steel.

Vegas Forge says, “Vegas Forge blacksmiths produce the absolute finest American-made Damascus steel.” This is not an easy steel to make, so having the best of the best when it comes to the company making it can be pretty important. They say, “We honor and respect our roots, and as Vegas Forge, we’re proud to continue growing our company and our skills.” This means that they are never going to be satisfied with what they produce. Never will they settle. Their Damascus steel is only going to improve. So how do they do it? Well, they say, “Our unrivaled precision and quality are attained through immaculate material preparation, meticulous attention to detail, tried and true recipes for metal layering, and a handful of priceless trade secrets. In the end, our Vegas Forge craftsmanship is what gives our customers the beauty, strength, and functionality they need.” All of this means that the steel that is going to come on this Custom Pro-Tech is steel that is going to stand apart from other steels. You are going to be able to feel the difference.

The blade has been finished in a Damascus finish, which is most often found on a Damascus blade. This is because of how the steel is made. Like I mentioned, this steel is made when multiple different metals are melted together and then hardened. Because of the different densities, melting points, etc., the steel has a mottled look to it. This finish is known for being very beautiful—definitely more for aesthetic than performance.

The blade has been carved into the classic drop point blade shape. This is the most popular blade shape that you can find in the cutlery industry today. This blade style is tough, versatile, and the perfect all-purpose blade and knife for you. The most common place that you are going to find this blade shape is on hunting knives, but you will be able to find them on virtually any style of knife. That being said, the blade style is formed by having the back edge of the blade, which is the unsharpened edge, run straight form the handle to the point in a slow curving manner. The belly of the knife slowly curves upward to meet the lowered point. Because it has a lowered point, you are going to more easily be able to control your cuts and slices, which makes this blade shape ideal if you are going to be doing any tip work or need to be very focused on your task.

One of the other benefits of the lowered tip is that it is also a broad tip. This is the characteristic of the knife that gives the drop point blade style its famous strength. This strong tip is also what allows you to take on such a wide variety of tasks.

One of the other great features of this blade style is that it sports such a big belly, which is used when you are slicing. The majority of tasks that you will be completing day to day involve slicing, so the big belly with definitely be worth it.

The drop point blade shape really only has one disadvantage, which is that because it has such a broad tip, you do lose out on much of your piercing capabilities. The drop point blade and the clip point blade are often confused with each other because they are both very popular knife blade shapes that feature lowered tips. The difference between the two lies in their tips. The clip point has a fine, sharp tip that allows you to pierce and stab with ease. However, because it is a thinner point, you do have to worry about it breaking on things. The drop point does miss out on many of the piercing capabilities, but you are left with so much more strength. When it comes to these two blade shapes, you just have to decide if you would rather have piercing capabilities or strength. And with this Pro-Tech knife, your best bet is to have the strength that it provides.

The Handle:

The handle on this knife is made out of 416 stainless steel. The benefits of stainless steel are that it is going to add enough heft to the knife that you feel like you will have full control while using it. The stainless steel is going to provide both durability as well as resistance to wear and corrosion. The biggest disadvantage to stainless steel is that it normally does not offer enough grip for people to feel confident while using the knife. However, this is where this custom knife really excels at.

The handle has been complete with “Tron” milling pattern, which are different shaped lines that have been grooved into the rose gold handle. This milling is going to provide you with plenty of grip. You should never have a problem when it comes to the texture or the grip.

The shape of the handle is simple, with a spien that is completely straight until the butt where it curves. There is a row of jimping on the spine for added control. There is a finger groove, but it is a little bit lower on the handle than is typical. There is no lanyard hole.

The Pocket Clip:

The pocket clip is designed for tip up carry only on the traditional side of the handle. This is also a mini deep carry clip.

There are pros and cons to this pocket clip. The first con is that it is not going to be ambidextrous friendly, simply because it is designed statically—it can only sit in one position. However, the pro to this is that the handle is going to look a lot sleeker because there are no drill marks—the clip stays in one pale the entire time.

A mini deep carry clip is a deep carry clip on this small knife. It is smaller than other deep carry clips that you may have come across, but this is a smaller knife than many that you may have come across, so it does not need to be as deep. The deep carry is going to allow this Pro-Tech to sit low in your pocket, keeping it secure and also concealing it more. The clip has been slightly skeletonized, so you can see the screws keeping it in place. The clip is a rose gold color.

The Mechanism:

This is a push button automatic knife. Like all automatic knives, this one will also fall under the same strict set of laws in the United States of America. These laws state that automatic knives are not legal in all states, cities, or areas. It is your responsibility to know your local knife laws before purchasing or carrying this knife. BladeOps is not the responsible party.

One of the only other drawbacks to an automatic knife other than the legality issues is that they are slightly harder to maintain. This is due to the amount of inner workings and moving parts that must be kept clean and dry. Really, unless you are using this knife for some pretty messy tasks—like hunting—the automatic function should not be any bigger of an issue than a typical manual pocket knife.

The Tron Calmigo is a push-button automatic, which means that to deploy the blade, all you have to do is press the firing button on the face of the handle. This is the largest advantage of having any automatic knife, because it is so easy to use. All you have to do is press the button and the blade will swing open and lock into place, ready for use. This leads to all the major advantages of having an automatic knife, such as saving time when you need it most. As well as being able to open the knife with only one hand. Automatic knives are easier, quicker, and smoother to use than your typical manual folding knife.

The Specs:

The blade on this limited-edition automatic knife measures in at 1.95 inches long with a handle that measures in at 3.54 inches long. This means that the overall length of the knife when the blade has been deployed is going to measures in at 5.49 inches long, which is definitely on the smaller side when it comes to pocket knives. This knife also weighs n at 4 ounces even, which falls directly into the sweet spot when it comes to how heavy you want your knife to be. The sweet spot is between three and five ounces, because that range is going to give you the heft that is needed without actually weighing you down. This Pro-Tech is proudly made in the United States of America.


This limited-edition automatic knife features a rose gold coated stainless steel handle complete with "Tron" milling pattern, a drop point style blade in a Damascus finish and the pocket clip is designed for tip up carry.

As part of a 36-piece run, this custom Calmigo sports a heavier frame for those that want a versatile sub-2" auto with some weight. Additional highlights include a slide safety and a mini deep carry clip.

This knife is currently in stock at BladeOps. Purchase it now by clicking here