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Lightning OTF Knife, Red

Posted by admin on Jul 1st 2010

For quite some time now, the Lightning Out the Front knife has not only been one of our very best selling knives, it has also been one of the most durable we have found.  It has definitely withstood the test of time.  Almost every day, someone calls in and asks, “What is the best Out the Front knife you guys sell?”  This is always a tough question because a lot of the answer depends on the purpose of the knife as well as the budget of the buyer.  For instance, if I were a Navy Seal and wanted an OTF knife that I could use underwater, that would withstand the rigors of military life, and that would perform when my very life depended on it–I would shell out the $600.00 that a Microtech Navy Scarab Knife is going to cost and I would do it with a smile on my face.  Because if I were in that situation, that knife is, in my mind, the very best OTF knife that I am going to find. 
But, if I am just looking for a really great, dependable Out the Front knife that isn’t going to set me back several hundred dollars, the knife I would buy is the Lightning OTF.  It has incredibly tight action, it is durable and dependable, and it is loads of fun.  Besides all of that, I can get one for less than a movie and dinner.  It is currently available in the orignial black handle, a red handle with a partially serrated blade, a camo handle with a partially serrated blade or a tan handle.  Whichever color you decide to go with, I am quite certain that you will fully enjoy this great OTF knife.