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Nice Hare, by B.C.

Posted by admin on Sep 29th 2014

Last year I was out in the country with a couple buddies of mine and we were hunting deer. We had waited almost the whole day and hadn’t seen a thing accept for some wild dogs. Then we called it quits and started walking back to the truck.

But I wasn’t going home empty handed after being out for 5+ hours and not so much as looked down the barrel. I spotted a nice meaty hare. I pulled out my magnum and got it right through the skull. It was a dinky little thing but it was one of the first kills of the season. I skinned and gutted it right in the back of my pickup with my Boker Mini Kalashnikov Automatic Knife.

I knew it wasn’t the right knife for the job but it got the job done. When I got home I gave it to my pups and they had a fight over it in the yard until it finally split in two. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures