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Posted by admin on Aug 24th 2009

I thought I would do a quick review on a product we have found that we really like. This stuff is called BooBoo Salve. I know, kind of a weird name and all. But the stuff is crazy good. I cut myself about five months ago–I just wasn’t paying attention when I was adjusting one of my knives. Stupid mistake, I am sure it has never happened to you. So here I am, with this nasty gash on my pointer finger knowing that I am kind of stuck–hard to work on knives when your finger is messed up. I spent a few days with the old band aid method, waiting for my cut to heal. Talking to a friend, he mentioned I should try this BooBoo Salve, so I thought, what the heck. I got ahold of some and put it on my cut. (just a note, I talked with the maker of this stuff and she said it isn’t really meant to be put on an open cut, but on a semi healed cut it works great). That is what I did. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe two days, maybe three and the cut was just another faint line on my hand. This stuff is incredible. I have since used it on a couple of burns, a sunburn, and a few small scratches. It gets your skin back whole really quick. Check it out. It comes in a pretty small container but you don’t need very much of the stuff. You can get it at this link right here: BooBooSalve .