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Pro-Tech 700CF Godson Knife Review

Pro-Tech 700CF Godson Knife Review

Posted by admin on Jun 28th 2018

Pro-Tech Knives, LLC is a family owned knife company that has been building high quality American Made knives since 1999. Each of their knives is a blend of the finest materials available, mixed with their commitment to craftsmanship. Their knives are always built with the most current high tech manufacturing process that includes: CNC Machining, Wire EDM, and Laser Cutting. The high tech components are assembled and hand fit by dedicated and caring craftsmen right in their factory. Yes, that does mean that they are all made in the United States of America!

One of the unique aspects about Pro-Tech is that they manufacture small batches of knives so that they can take the time to individually hand fit and finish each knife to a level that you are rarely going to find in a factory knife. Their production knife models offer the best design, function, and value of any knife that you are going to find on the market today. They even have custom art knives that are individual pieces of art. Each of their custom, limited-edition knives is a showpiece of heirloom quality. But, no matter which of their knives that you choose to purchase, they, and we, are confident that you will be very satisfied with your purchase.

Their collection of knives is always changing. They are always working on new designs form collaboration partners, new variations of classic designs, new inlay materials, Damascus blade choices, and many more.

Today, we will be going over the new Pro-Tech Godson knife. This is the highly anticipated smaller version of Pro-Tech’s popular Godfather automatic knife.


The Blade:

This durable blade has been carved out of the high in carbon 154CM stainless steel. Although powder steels are the steel styles that are usually chosen for nicer knives, 154CM stainless steel is widely used in the high end knives that you are drawn to. This type of steel has a base that is very similar to 440C, however, the manufacturer has chosen to add molybdenum to the steel matrix. This added molybdenum is what gives this type of steel it’s superior edge holding ability, while also having great levels of corrosion resistance. The Godson’s blade can be hardened to a Rockwell RC level of 60-61 and has good toughness levels. This steel is made by Crucible, which is an American manufacture, and is very chip resistant, which makes it ideal for various cutting applications. As a total bonus, it is pretty easy to sharpen as well. As a second bonus, it is less expensive than steels that are going to provide you with very similar qualities. 154CM stainless steel provides this knife with a good balance between all three attributes that you are searching for in a knife blade: being relatively hard, tough, and equally corrosion resistant. Because the Godson’s blade has been made with 154CM steel, you will be ready for whatever life throws your way.

The Godfather and Godson knives are known to be classic looking knives. They have intricate details that set them apart from the boring, cliché knives that you come across all the time. To give you a truly classic and traditional look, the blade has a satin finish. This finish is the most popular blade finish used today, but for good reason. This finish is created by repeatedly sanding the blade in one direction with an increasing level of abrasive (usually a sandpaper). This shows off the fine lien sin the knife as well as showcasing the bevels. This finish is right in the middle of luster and matte, but does cut down on reflections slightly. This blade finish won’t go out of style and won’t disappoint.

The Godson’s blade has been carved into a spear-point, or stiletto, blade design. This means that one of its main purposes behind the design is that it is built for thrust cuts and stabbing. There really isn’t a secret behind where this blade style got its name from. The spear point blade shape is easily identified by its symmetrical double edges meeting at a center point. This design was originally found on spears, but is now often found on daggers and throwing knives. Although this blade shape is very similar to the needle-point blade, because they are both often used for piercing, the needle-point blade has a very sharp but weak point while the spear point blade shape has a strong point that is still fine and sharp enough for piercing. The spear point blade shape also features a lowered point which makes this knife easily controlled and very useful for fine tip work. Although the main purpose behind the design is the tip, spear point blades are actually a great hybrid knife. They do contain a small belly that can be used for some cutting and slicing applications. On the flip side, this belly is relatively small, especially when you are comparing it to a drop or clip point blade shape that has been designed specifically for its bely. This Godson blade is equipped with a razor sharp flat grind, a false edge, and a needle-like tip, so there is no doubt that this knife is going to be able to deliver. This entire blade was designed to penetrate. The tip on this blade really does set the Godson apart from other spear pointed knives, because the tip is extra pointy, which gives you extra capabilities on stabbing, piercing, and even cutting.

This satin blade does sport a plain edge. The plain edge is pretty straightforward. It is a single edge with no teeth, or serrations. The plain edge has been known to excel when it comes to push cuts such as skinning, slicing, or peeling. Since this knife is primarily designed to pierce the plain edge does come in handy, because you can get a finer and sharper edge than you would have been able to on a serrated blade. And plain edges are more equipped to take on a wider variety of tasks, providing you with clean cuts as opposed to the ragged, choppy edges that are procured with a serrated blade.

Pro-Tech 700CF Godson Knife
Pro-Tech 700CF Godson Knife

The Handle:

The handle, which pays respect to the classic Italian stiletto style, is made out of 6061-T6 aluminum. Aluminum is a very durable material and provides a solid feel without giving you any extra weight. This is because it is categorized as a low density metal. The most common type of aluminum used today is the 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which has tremendous tensile strength. When the aluminum is properly texturized, it can give you a secure grip; however, when it is not properly texturized, it is going to be extremely slippery. To combat the slipperiness and give you a little boost with your grip, the Godson has a carbon fiber inlay that is perfectly texturized to give you all the grip that you could need. Unfortunately, aluminum can be very susceptible to scratches and dings. To add a little bit of strength, toughness, and durability to the aluminum portions of this knife, it has been anodized to a dark gray. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion resistant, anodic oxide finish. This anodic oxide is not applied to the surface like paint or plating, but is fully integrated with the underlying aluminum substrate, so it cannot chip or peel.

The inlay is made out of carbon fiber which is a material made up of thin strands of carbon that have been tightly woven then set in resin. This material is crazy strong, yet still lightweight, so it is the perfect match up with the aluminum. Although, while it is crazy strong, it is far from indestructible, because all of the fibers have been woven in a single direction. When the material gets stressed in any other direction, it is going to start to break apart. And because it is brittle, it can crack if it is subjected to sharp impacts. The carbon fiber inlay has been woven to form a checkered pattern, which will give you a very solid grip on it.

The handle is squared, but still nicely bevel to reduce any hard edge. The carbon fiber inlay adds a stylish and unique flair to the knife. If you are not a fan of the carbon fiber inlay, there are other versions of the Godson that have different, more unique inlays.


The Pocket Clip:

The pocket clip is statically designed for tip up carry only on the traditional side of the handle. This handle is secured to the handle tightly will three, small, silver screws. The clip has been anodized black and is almost a deep carry clip, which means that it will be secured nicely in your pocket. With this clip, you will experience very little shifting or moving. The knife will fit in your pocket with the spine of the folded blade against eh edge of the pocket, which means that even if the release button was pressed, the blade would be secured by your pocket seam, and it won’t pop open in your pocket. This comes in handy because there is no safety on the Godson. The safety would probably ruin the minimalistic design of the Godson, and not many people report problems with the knife deploying in your pocket.


The Mechanism:

The Godson is an automatic knife, just like the Godfather. Because it is an automatic knife, you need to be very aware of your local knife laws. Automatic knives have a strict set of laws that surround them and they are not legal in all states, cities, or areas. It is your responsibility to know the laws and consequences before purchasing and carrying the Godson.

Automatic knives are also known as a switchblade. They are a type of knife with a sliding blade that is contained in the handle. This knife is opened automatically by a spring when a button on the handle is activated. The button on the Godson matches the rest of the hardware and is a sheen silver.

When you press the release button on the Godson, the blade pops open with a good amount of force and speed and locks solidly into place. Really there is zero play between the handle and the blade when the handle is fully deployed. When the knife is closed, the blade is nice and centered in the middle of the handle. This is a solidly built knife with perfect mechanics.


The Specs:

The blade on this knife measures in at 3.15 inches long, with the handle measuring in at 4.41 inches long. The overall length of this knife is 7.56 inches long. This sturdy, but lightweight knife weighs in at 3 ounces. This knife was made in the United States of America.



The Godson series by Pro-Tech is one of many automatic knife models they offer that blends the finest materials available with a supreme commitment to craftsmanship. Each small hand-crafted batch is built with the most modern high-tech manufacturing practices from the standard production models to their highly sought-after custom knives. This side open auto model opens with incredible speed and showcases a rock-solid lockup and the design of the handle and blade shape pays respects to the classic Italian stiletto style but with a modern twist. The knife features a coil spring action that is very strong and a lockup that won’t let you down. This smaller model, the 700CF, features a grey anodized aircraft aluminum handle coupled with carbon fiber inlays, a spear point blade in a satin finish and the pocket clip is statically designed for tip up carry only on the traditional side of the handle.

Like father, like son, the Godson has two main purposes: as a self-defense knife and as an urban, everyday carry blade. Pro-Tech issues a limited lifetime warranty for the Godson, which includes replacement parts and labor if your knife ever encounters an issue. Pick up your Pro-tech 700CF Godson automatic knife today at BladeOps.