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Pro-Tech Newport Knife Review

Pro-Tech Newport Knife Review

Posted by admin on Sep 6th 2018

Pro-Tech is a family owned company that has been designing and producing high quality, American made knives for over 17 years now. This company was founded by Dave Wattenberg. Something unique about Pro-Tech that sets them apart from many of the knife companies is that they strive to keep their batches small, producing around 12,000 knives each year. A reason for keeping these knife batches small is that they have time to hand fit and finish each knife to a level that would be nearly impossible to find if you were purchasing a fully factory knife. Pro-Tech chooses the highest and most current technology for their manufacturing. They also only use the highest quality of materials, so that each of your knives is going to last a while and get the job done. When you purchase a Pro-Tech knife, you can be sure that you are purchasing a masterpiece that will last years with you.

Pro-Tech knives have been expertly designed for U.S. Military members, police departments, and even the secret service. This company has collaborated with many famous knife makers including Ernest Emerson and Walter Brend. Some of Pro-Tech’s most popular knife models include the Godfather, the Godson, and the Runt J4. Today we are going to talk about the Pro-Tech Newport; what makes it unique, what makes it such a great knife, and why you should be interested in purchasing it.

Pro-Tech Newport
Pro-Tech Newport

The Blade:

The blade on the Newport is made out of CPM S35VN steel. This steel was made by Crucible and Chris Reeve. This steel has been designed specifically for knives and it is a little bit more superior than the already fantastic S30V. So how do they make a great steel even better? For starters, they started by using a much finer grain structure. Crucible also added a small amount of niobium, which is where the N in the name comes from. By adding this material to the steel, the toughness of the steel is enhanced as well as the ability to sharpen your blade. This type of steel has the perfect balance between edge retention, hardness, and toughness. The material already had vanadium carbides added to it, which is where the V in the name comes from. The vanadium carbides help aid in achieving crazy hardness to this steel. S30V steel was one of the best steel options you could get, but one of the biggest complaints was that it was tricky to sharpen. Now, with the S35VN steel, there are almost no flaws to this steel. You can get the Newport’s blade with two finishes. The first finish is a black Diamond Like Coating. This coating adds strength, protection, and a non-glare surface. Because of the DLC, your knife blade will require less maintenance than it would have originally. The second finish that you can get on your blade is a stonewash finish. A stonewash finish is when the blade is tumbled around with abrasive materials, such as pebbles.  There are some definite benefits to having this coating such as it easily hides scratches and it has a less reflective surface than it previously would. A big bonus is that a stonewash finish hides fingerprints better than other finishes do. This means less polishing and maintenance.

The blade shape that this knife sports is the spear point. This shape is similar to a needle-point blade, because it is great for stabbing or piercing. However, on a spear point, the tip is stronger and it contains a little bit of a belly that helps aid in slicing. But, you aren’t going to be able to do all of your slicing tasks with a spear point blade; if you are looking solely for a blade that is for slicing, you should be searching for a drop point or even a clip point shape blade. The spear point shape is created by two edges that rise and fall equally creating a point that lines up at exactly the middle of the blade. The tip on a spear point blade is strong, durable, and will last for long periods of time. This shape of blade has a very controllable tip, so you will be able to do detail work if needed. A spear point blade is a fantastic option for someone who is looking for a balance between slicing and stabbing. However, because it can do both of these well, it is not going do either of them fantastically. You do get a balance, but if you are looking for a blade that excels at stabbing or a knife that excels at slicing, you are going to want to look elsewhere.


The Handle:

You can get the Newport in a couple of different handle materials. The first option that you have is a carbon fiber handle. Carbon fiber is a material that has been built by strands off carbon being woven together tightly and then set in a resin. This material is very lightweight but is still extremely strong. But, while it is strong, it is definitely not indestructible because it is a brittle material. These carbon strands have been woven together in one direction, so it is crazy strong going that direction, but prone to breaking when it is stressed in other directions. If this handle hits a hard object, it is prone to cracking. Unfortunately, this material is also expensive because it does take a lot of time and labor to make. One characteristic that draws many people to a carbon fiber handle is how it reflects light. The light helps to make the weave pattern very visible, so you can get different looks depending on how the material was woven.

Another handle material option is a G10 with Super Grip. G10 is a similar material to Carbon Fiber. However, it is cheaper because it is not as labor intensive. G10 is made by taking layers of fiberglass cloth and soaking them in resin. It is then compressed and baked under pressure. The resulting material is hard, strong, tough, and very lightweight. G10 is considered the toughest fiberglass resin laminate, however, it is going to be more brittle because of this. To add texture to the handle, the producer will add checkering or other patterns. Because it is made by layers of fiberglass, you can switch up the colors of each layer and achieve a look that cannot be creating with any of the other knife handle materials. On the Newport, they added Super Grip, which is just a strip of extra grippy material where the palm of your hand is going to lie.

Lastly, your third option is anodized aluminum. When an aluminum is anodized, it helps add hardness and protection to the material. Aluminum is great because it feels and looks hefty and solid, but it is a very light material, so you aren’t weighed down. This is a very durable material that is extremely resistant to corrosion. However, it is going to feel cold to hold, so if you live in a cold area, this might not be the best handle material for you. Aluminum is also a slippery material, so if it is not properly texturized, you will not have a secure grip on your handle. And, even when it is properly texturized, you won’t have as solid of a grip as you would with other materials. But, this is a comfortable material to hold, so you can work with it for long periods of time without your hands hurting. Another drawback to choosing this handle material is that it is most susceptible to scratches. While your handle will still work properly, it won’t look as great. The aluminum handle comes with a carbon fiber inlay.


The Pocket Clip:

This knife comes with a deep carry pocket clip. This is a right handed pocket clip. It has only been drilled to carry right handed, which is a drawback, because it is not reversible. This is only a tip up pocket clip. With a deep carry pocket, you can be sure that your knife is secure and snug in your pocket. With a deep carry pocket clip, it is also easier to conceal your knife. Some people complain that with a deep carry pocket clip, it takes longer to draw your knife out of your pocket. However, this is just milliseconds longer and I would not be turned off because of this.


The Mechanism:

This is an automatic knife, or a switchblade. This style of opening mechanism is not legal in all states and areas, so like always, make sure that you know your local knife laws before purchasing and especially before carrying your knife. An automatic knife is a style of knife that has a folding blade contained in the handle. This knife is opened automatically by a button on the handle, when it is pushed. There is a spring inside of the handle that is fully extended when opened. The Newport knife also features a plunge lock.


The Specs:

The overall length of this knife is 7.1 inches long. The blade measures up at an even 3 inches long with a thickness of .10 inches and a width of .84 inches. When the blade is shut, the knife measures at 4.1 inches long. The handle is .92 inches long at its widest spot and .39 inches thick. This knife weighs 2.93 ounces.


Pros of the Pro-Tech Newport:

  • S35VN steel is truly one of the most superior steels that you can find. It was designed specifically for knives by Crucible and gives you everything that you could want from a steel.
  • You can choose from either a DLC or a Stonewash finish.
  • The Spear Point blade shape gives you a great balance between slicing and stabbing.
  • The spear point blade shape is similar to needle point, except the tip is strong, durable, and can endure long periods of use.
  • You have a few different handle material options.
  • If you choose a Carbon Fiber handle, you are getting strength and durability.
  • If you choose a Carbon Fiber handle, you get a cool aesthetic to it, because the light reflects to show off the woven pattern.
  • If you choose a G10 handle, you get many similar characteristics to Carbon Fiber, except for a cheaper price.
  • If you choose an aluminum handle, you are getting a comfortable grip and great strength.
  • Comes with a deep carry pocket clip.
  • This is an automatic knife, so it will open quickly and efficiently.


Cons of the Pro-Tech Newport:

  • Because the Spear Point shape is good at stabbing and slicing, it does not excel at either of those tasks.
  • Carbon Fiber is prone to breaking, especially if you hit it against a hard object.
  • G10 is a very brittle material.
  • The aluminum handle option will be colder than the previous two and more slippery.
  • The pocket clip is not reversible.
  • Automatic knives, or switchblades are not legal in all states and areas, so this knife might be illegal for you to have.



The Conclusion:

Pro-Tech has been known for designing and making fantastic knives. They can give each knife special attention because they keep their knife batches much smaller than other companies choose to. Because of this, you will be sure that your knife was carefully looked over and tended to, hand finishing it to a perfect state. Pro-Tech knives will last years while you have them with you through it all. Any of their knives will be a great addition to your collection, and the Newport is no exception.

With superior steel and two different options for your finish, you are going to get everything you could want. The spear point blade shape gives you the best of both worlds between stabbing and slicing, so you can’t go wrong with the blade shape here. Plus, Pro-Tech gives you three different handle materials to choose from, so you have lots to choose from and to give you the best knife that you could imagine. Pro-Tech has been known for creating masterpieces and the Newport is definitely one of them.