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ProTech Magic "Whiskers" Knife

Posted by admin on Jan 6th 2009

The Pro-Tech Magic “Whiskers” knife is pretty amazing. It is very similar to what are commonly called double action knives except that it doesn’t quite function the same way. Most of the double action knives I have seen require you to push the top of the knife scale (the plates that make up the handle), and when I say the top I mean the part closest to the base of the blade, and this triggers the blade open automatically. The “Whiskers” knife, which takes its name from the designer Mike “Whiskers” Allen also has no push button on the handle, nor does it function as a manual folder. You press the scales of this knife in opposite directions and they pivot at the base of the knife and fire open the 3.5″ blade made of 154-cm. The pictured PT601BT has a black blade with a tanto point. The knife is also available in the PT601PS which is stainless steel and partially serrated.

The handles are made of T-6 6061 and they feel just right in your hand. The first time I triggered this knife, I was a little disoriented. It took a few moments to figure out the action required to make the blade pop. When it does, hold on tight. This knife has an extremely strong spring and comes open fast. To close the blade again, you use the same action (described best as a handle squeeze) and this releases the blade from the locked open position and allows you to reclose the knife. I love this knife for a couple of reasons. It is clean–no frills, extras, or baloney. This is just a nice, thin, automatic knife. Second, I love it because it feels heavy in my hand. Not heavy as in hard to carry, just solid. When you hold it, you know it was built right. This is a keeper for my collection. If you are wondering, I prefer the black blade version. Pro-Tech has made an amazing knife here.


Blade: 3.45″ Long / .120″ Thick

Handle: 4.75″ Long / .48″ Thick

Open Overall Length: 8.2″ Long

Weight: 4.6 Ounces