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Schrade Mini Spear Point Auto Knife Review

Posted by admin on Mar 25th 2014

Schrade Auto Knife
Schrade Auto Knife–Mini Spear Point SC60MB

Schrade is an iconic knife company.  The roots of this company are deep.  Back in 1904 Schrade Cutlery Company was founded.  It later merged with the Imperial Knife Company which was founded in 1916.  Then, in 2004, Schrade closed its factory doors and sold the name to Taylor Brands which has continued producing quality knives under the Schrade Knife banner.  The Schrade Mini Spear Point knife features all the high quality standards you would expect from a great knife company.

The stainless steel blade comes in the clip point or tanto style.  It can be found with either a standard edge or with a 40% combo edge.  There are advantages to either style.  With a tanto blade, the tip is less likely to break. The geometry of the blade gives you extra blade strength for the tip.  A clip point blade gives you a sharp tip that is useful for cutting in tight place.  It also has much greater piercing power compared to the tanto style.  All available styles have a black finish on the blade.  The blade has a thumb ramp with jimping for an extra secure grip with your thumb giving you more control on both fine and heavy cuts.

The blade steel is 4116 stainless steel.  4116 is a fine grained stainless steel.  It is produced by the German company ThyssenKrupp.  Originally it was used extensively in medical devices and food processing machines.  After some time, many knife manufacturer’s realized the properties and began to use it in knife blade steels.  It has both carbon and chromium which give it fairly high corrosion resistance.  It has decent strength and also keeps an edge fairly well. I have carried several knives with 4116 stainless steel and have always been satisfied with the blade performance.

The handle on this knife is fantastic.  Aluminum with a black finish. The handle is semi open construction for easy maintenance.  It has three finger grooves that extend up and across the face of the handle.  The indented portion of the handle on the three extended grooves has significant dimple texturing for a solid grip.  The spine has jimping almost from end to end.  The button is inset in a small groove along the top side of the front handle scale.  On the back handle scale you find the slide safety.

The tip up pocket clip is deep carry.  A glass breaker is included.  This is an automatic conversion knife meaning that it isn’t produced as an automatic.  It is produced by Schrade as a manual knife and then a spring is added aftermarket to convert it to an automatic knife.  I absolutely love this knife.  It fits my hand well, is built from quality materials and is just the right size for every day carry.  If you want one for yourself, you can find them on our website here.  Let me know what you think of yours below.