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Scratch & Dent Models at BladeOps

Posted by admin on Mar 25th 2014

Before we send any knife to a customer, we check it out.  We inspect every knife to make sure it is exactly what we would want to receive if we were the buyer.  Every once in a while, in our inspections we find a knife that has some small damage.  The knives aren’t used–they just have some type of small issue that prevents us from selling them at full price.  This can range from a scratch on the handle to a small ding on the blade edge.  These minor blemishes keep us from selling them as perfect condition knives.  Although they are brand new, they aren’t in perfect condition.  What does all this mean to you?  It means if you are looking for a screaming deal–you can sometimes find knives for unbelievable prices in our Scratch & Dent section.  Just today, I put in a nice Gerber 377 auto that just had a tiny ding in the knife blade.  I also put in a perfect Gerber 378 that just had some scuffing on the blade.  If you have never seen our Scratch & Dent section–head on over and see what you find.  You may just find your next every day carry knife.