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Smith and Wesson CK114L Knife Review

Smith and Wesson CK114L Knife Review

Posted by admin on Dec 7th 2012

Smith & Wesson CK114L Folder Knife

The Smith & Wesson CK114L is large stiletto style folder.  Built with a stainless steel bayonet style dagger, this knife opens smooth and easy.  There are several methods to open the blade.  You can simply use the ambidextrous thumb studs for a normal open.  You can press the spine flipper and simultaneously snap your wrist for an impressive one hand open that makes a nice loud snapping sound.  Or, if you have the knife in your pocket, you can use the “wave” feature to open the blade.  As you pull the knife out of your pocket, press the handle towards the area behind you.  This will cause the other blade guard to catch on the side of your pocket.  Done well, this is the most impressive method to open your CK114L.  It looks like you are just pulling your knife out.  But, with a slight push backwards, the blade is open nearly as soon as it clears your pocket.  Very fun.

I really like the G10 handle.  The skeletonized design makes for a lighter knife, but also makes for loads of “grippiness”.  The CK114L is my preferred choice between this knife and the smaller version, the CK114.  At 11″ open, the larger version is incredibly fun.  It is also surprisingly lightweight.  It weighs just 5.9 ounces.

The knife comes with a stainless steel pocket clip.