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Smith & Wesson Black Ops

Posted by admin on Sep 30th 2010

This knife is a great buy not just because it is affordable. It is spring assisted but nearly works like it was an automatic. With a press of the spine lever or a push of the thumb stud the blade comes out quick and easy with very little effort. This knife also includes a blade lock that will prevent the knife from opening or closing while engaged. Also, there is an internal locking device that engages automatically to further prevent unwanted closing of the blade. When the knife is opened and locked it is sturdy with absolutely no play. The most unique part about this knife is the handle design, it is like no other. The textured design looks almost that of a spider web and aside of style it provides great comfort and grip. Come time to slide this knife into your pocket it is equipped with a sturdy clip that keeps the knife fairly deep in your pocket and nearly out of sight. When buying a Smith & Wesson Black Ops you have a few varieties to choose from. Your choices include Tanto or Drop point with or without a partial serrated edge, and you may choose from either a dark grey or light blue handle color. Each knife has a sharp 4034 stainless steel blade with a black Teflon coating.